Software Development Club Event

Public awareness information ... Makes innovative use of media or ... The students got an opportunity to express their creativity and helped them to...

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Software Development Club event from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Software Development Club Event

MVJCE Creative Connect 2018 The Software Development Club, MVJ College of Engineering organized the “MVJCE Creative Connect” poster design competition from 11 th April 2018 to 15th May 2018. Posters act as a simple means for communication and they provide a canvas for designers to showcase their creativity. This competition aimed to showcase the student’s creativity and rejoice contemporary poster design. MVJCE Creative Connect poster design competition started on 11th April 2018. Poster were invited on the following topics 

Technical topics

Political agendas

Public awareness information

All digital submissions of the poster was received by 25 th April 2018. 20 posters were received and on 27th April 2018, posters being considered for next round of the competition was selected by our jury Mrs.Akshitha (AP,CSE) , Mrs.Deepa Acharya( AP,CSE), Mr.Karthik (AP,CSE) , Mrs.Sindhuja K(AP,CSE) and Mr.Rohit (IV sem,CSE). The posters were judged on their content, concept and on design work which: 

Alters perceptions or ways of thinking

Offers creative solutions to problems

Contributes to discussion on current affairs

Opens dialogue and provokes discussion for debate

Makes innovative use of media or medium

6 shortlisted posters were posted on MVJCE Creative Connect Facebook page on 1st May 2018. On 15th May 2018, the two most liked posters on Facebook page was selected and awarded cash prizes. The 1st place was secured by Mr.HIMANIL GOLE (8th SEM, CSE). The 2nd place was secured by Ms.LINA D LOUIS (6th CSE).


, CSE) and Ms.PRERANA (6th SEM,

The event was a good platform for the students to showcase their creativity and design skills. The students got an opportunity to express their creativity and helped them to test their poster design ability.