The Fargo Software Development Kit (SDK) gives programmers control over nearly all of the features of Fargo printer/encoders — all from within your ca...

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Get direct access to the capabilities of Fargo Card Printer/Encoders and Systems.

Printer and encoder abstraction. You don’t have to

The Fargo Software Development Kit (SDK) gives

Fargo printer or smart card encoder module. The

programmers control over nearly all of the features

SDK’s high-level interface abstracts devices so you

of Fargo printer/encoders — all from within your

can perform complex functions with a few lines of

card technology applications. By using code from

code instead of hundreds.

the Fargo SDK, you’ll be able to read and write

Positive command confirmation. The API returns a

smart cards (contact and contactless), select a card

status indicating a properly executed command,

hopper, password-protect printer/encoders, run

a successfully completed operation, or the nature

diagnostics and more. Whether you’re developing a

of an error.

know the details of how a driver talks to a specific

stand-alone badging program, or an integrated security system, the Fargo SDK lets you tap into our industry-leading card issuance technologies.

Forward compatibility. Using the Fargo SDK helps ensure that your software applications will be compatible with future Fargo printer/encoders.

Faster, easier development for more robust applications. The Fargo SDK gives commercial and in-house software developers, and security system integraCreated by the engineers who know Fargo best. The Fargo SDK has been refined and proven by Fargo’s own software engineering team. It’s the same tool set used in-house to develop Fargo Print Security applications such as Print Security Client™, Print Security Suite™ and Print Security Manager™. The Fargo SDK not only gives you time-saving API commands, it gives you expertise from the people who know the Fargo platform inside and out.

tors, a logical model for accessing the functions of Fargo Card Identity Systems from high-level application software. The Fargo SDK offers you: Ease of use. An easy-to-use, high-level API command set controls card printing and encoding, diagnostics, upgrades, audits and enables printer security.

The Fargo SDK supports programming environments such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#, .NET-based languages or any other language that supports COM-based objects.


Online help and expert support for a constantly changing environment. As Fargo products grow more sophisticated, we’re dedicated to keeping application development as easy as possible. The Fargo SDK includes an extensive online help library that details every class and method and provides helpful code snip-

What’s Inside:

pets in Visual Basic and Visual C#. For additional

The Fargo SDK is a growing collection of

resources, check out the Developers area on the

software development tools — including

Fargo Web site. Professional support packages are

How do you access a MIFARE encoder? Online help gives you the details on all card encoder classes and methods.

also available at various levels and price ranges.

code samples and online help — each targeted to meet the requirements of a specific application:

Get inside Fargo’s most popular ID card printer/encoders. The Fargo SDK lets you control and monitor the operation of Fargo printer/encoders such as (from left) the DTC400, DTC550 and the HDP600, including an optional encoding module.


Fargo and/or Integrator Application (Visual Basic 6, VB .NET, Visual C++, Visual C#, Delphi) API Layer Audit / Security Layer Smart Card Encoding


Printer Info

Print Server Info

SecureVault Info

General Purpose Driver 1 Driver 2 Driver n Driver 1 Driver 2 Driver n

Telnet Wrapper SecureVault Wrapper

Language Monitor Telnet Windows Printer Driver

Driver 1 Driver 2 Driver n

USB Transport Layer

Ethernet Transport Layer

Serial Port


Serial Port Print Server Printer Firmware

Printer Capabilities Contains general purpose functions for: • Card movement • Hopper selection • Card count • Station status • LCD control panel Security Capabilities Contains security functions for: • Printer password protection • Enabling OEM security • Configuring print security settings • Configuring visual security images including fluorescing UV panels

Upcoming Capabilities:

Ethernet USB Services

Technology Card Capabilities Contains functions for: • Proximity card readers • Contact smart card encoders • Contactless smart card encoders (HID ® iCLASS™, MIFARE ® and DESFire) • Magnetic stripe cards

Vault Firmware

Easier development from the top down. The Fargo SDK provides high-level API services that abstract the details of performing lower-level tasks with printer and encoder drivers and communication interfaces. The SDK also includes an Audit/Security Layer that enables auditing functions (such as collecting and summarizing card processing information) as well as various security features such as password authentication.

Network Management Capabilities Provides API functionality for print server communication in Ethernetequipped Fargo printer/encoders. Materials Management Capabilities Provides API functionality for interfacing to the Fargo SecureVault™ platform.

Fargo SDK System Specifications Supported Fargo Card Printer/Encoders:

HDP600, DTC550, DTC400

Supported Languages:

• Visual Basic® 6 • Visual Basic®.NET • Visual C++® • Visual C#®

Operating System:

Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional or 2000 Professional Microsoft Windows Server 2003

System Requirements:

See your Fargo Printer/Encoder’s User Guide for specific system requirements.

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• Delphi®

To learn more about the Fargo SDK, visit Contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or call 1-952-941-0050.

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