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Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board Building 3rd Floor, 140/56, Santhome High Road Kuil Thottam, Chennai-600004 (Tamil Nadu) 7) Sub-Regional Employment Of...

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A unique application code will be generated for each of the post applied. This application code shall be used ... MAY VISIT THE HELP DESK

1.7 In case of late running due to unforeseen circumstances, if the journey time is extended by more than 2 hours, service of Tea/coffee, Lunch/Dinner or Breakfast/Evening tea,

1) The Pilot-in-Command who authorises such operation by Co-pilot shall be either, a DGCA approved Check Pilot/Instructor/Examiner or a pilot with a minimum of 1000 hours Pilot-in-Command experience including 500 hours on type who has an accident and

ADVANCE CORRECTION SLIP NO. 97 DATED_19.10.04 . The existing Note of Annexure 8/3 (Para 807 & 808) of Indian Railways Permanent Way Manual (IRPWM) may be modified to read as under:-