Tribe job seekers in General English, General Awareness, Typing & Shorthand under the Special Coaching Scheme for Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes, f...

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1.7 In case of late running due to unforeseen circumstances, if the journey time is extended by more than 2 hours, service of Tea/coffee, Lunch/Dinner or Breakfast/Evening tea,

1) The Pilot-in-Command who authorises such operation by Co-pilot shall be either, a DGCA approved Check Pilot/Instructor/Examiner or a pilot with a minimum of 1000 hours Pilot-in-Command experience including 500 hours on type who has an accident and

ADVANCE CORRECTION SLIP NO. 97 DATED_19.10.04 . The existing Note of Annexure 8/3 (Para 807 & 808) of Indian Railways Permanent Way Manual (IRPWM) may be modified to read as under:-

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