Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer CS-5100 ... Sysmex launched the new Group Mid-Term Management Plan in April 2013 with the goal of maintaining our...

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Sysmex Sustainability Report

2013 Digest Version Sysmex at a Glance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Message from the Chairman and CEO . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Highlight 1

Regional Headquarters for the Americas Expands and Relocates its Office, Strengthening Customer Support Infrastructure . . 5 Highlight 2

Upgrade of Reagent Production Factory in Jinan: Better for People and the Environment . . . . . . . . . . . . CSR Initiatives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Global CSR Topics Japan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Americas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . EMEA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . China . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Asia Pacific . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Sysmex at a Glance

Sysmex is a Global Provider of Diagnostics Products and Services. In-vitro diagnostic testing of patient blood and urine samples plays an important role in confirming a patient’s state of health or determining a course of treatment. Sysmex supports healthy lives worldwide by providing a variety of in-vitro diagnostic instruments and reagents in more than 170 countries in an integrated system from research and development through production, sales and after-sales support. Note: Throughout this report, “Sysmex” refers to the Sysmex Group; “Sysmex Corporation” indicates the Company on a standalone basis.

Sysmex products are in use near you. 1 Hospitals Our products are used in hematology and other fields in outpatient/in-hospital checkups and complete physical examinations to discover changes or abnormalities in organs and systems.



Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer CS-5100

Automated Hematology Analyzer XN-Series XN-2000

Gene Amplification Detector RD-100i


Automated Immunoassay System HISCL-5000

Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013

XN-Series Reagents


Integrated System from R&D to Production, Sales and After-Sales Support



Creating valuable healthcare testing and diagnostic technologies


Ensuring high quality and stable product supply

After-Sales Support Responding accurately to each and every inquiry

Providing products and services to more than 170 countries

Global Network Providing a Variety of Products and Services in More than 170 Countries

EMEA* * Europe, the Middle East, Africa


Subsidiaries: Number of employees:





Subsidiaries: Number of employees:


Subsidiaries: Number of employees:



Japan Sysmex Corporation


Subsidiaries: Number of employees:


Asia Pacific


Subsidiaries: Number of employees:



R&D Regional Headquarters



2 Animal




Our products are useful in maintaining the health of dogs, cats and other pets, as well as aquarium dolphins and zoo animals.

3 Pharmacies

4 Sports Training

Our system provides information on physical condition simply by entering anthropometric measurements and answers to questions about lifestyle and diet.

Our product is used for daily training programs and nutritional maintenance to regularly check the hemoglobin levels of athletes in training programs for gyms and school sports teams.


Automated Hematology Analyzer pocH-100i V Diff

Healthcare Support System PROWELL

Peripheral Blood Vessel Monitoring System ASTRIM SU

Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013


Message from the Chairman and CEO

Contributing to Health and Building Trust and Confidence among People Worldwide Taking on the Evolution of Healthcare and Meeting Global Health Needs Ever since its founding in 1968, Sysmex has created a wide spectrum of products and services in the diagnostics field based on advanced technologies. Diagnostics play a vital role in healthcare by enabling the early detection of disease, the determination of treatment and the prevention of illness. The healthcare environment is currently undergoing dramatic changes due to shifting social structures. In emerging countries, economic development and population growth are rapidly increasing healthcare needs. On the other hand, advanced countries are facing declining birthrates and aging populations, and individual values for healthcare are increasingly diversifying. Sysmex’s products are being used at healthcare facilities in over 170 countries around the world, and we are responding to these changes and striving to create innovative values with the aim of contributing to the advancement of healthcare. We want to respond to the desire of people across the globe: “to stay healthy”. In fiscal 2012, we acquired approval to provide our XN-Series, the flagship models in the hematology field, in the United States and China, and continued our global acceleration of sales where we had already obtained approval, such as in Japan, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. The XN-Series has been acclaimed for ease-of-use in the lab as well as functionality, resulting in its receiving Germany’s iF Product Design Award 2013 after receiving the Good Design Gold Award 2011 in Japan. We also launched the HISCL-5000 automated immunoassay system in Japan, a new model in the field of immunochemistry testing, which aids in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, cancer and heart diseases. The HISCL-5000 delivers rapid test results, realizes pre-examination testing for better patient service and improves clinical laboratory’s testing efficiency. In the life science field, we received approval from


Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of an additional indication of our lymph node metastasis rapid diagnosis system for stomach cancer, in addition to breast cancer and colon cancer. We are also working to standardize the rapid detection of lymph node metastasis in other types of cancer. “Shaping the advancement of healthcare” is Sysmex’s mission. Accordingly, we aim to create valuable healthcare testing technologies that contribute to patients’ health and quality of life (QOL), and strive to improve the efficiency and quality of testing at healthcare facilities.

Building Trust and Confidence among Our Stakeholders We aim to build trust and confidence among our stakeholders in accordance with our Group corporate philosophy, the “Sysmex Way.” In fiscal 2012, Sysmex America, which is the regional headquarters for the Americas, relocated and expanded its corporate offices, offering new services and support to accommodate increased market demand. One of these is the streaming video service from the new studio featuring live broadcasts demonstrating, for example, instrument operation and emergency repair procedures. We will continue to expand these services to improve customer satisfaction. We also rebuilt the reagent production factory in Jinan to accommodate the rapid growth of the Chinese market. The new plant was constructed with worker motivation and harmony with the global environment in mind. Sysmex was also a special sponsor of the Kobe Marathon 2012, staged by the city of Kobe, for the second year in a row, because our policy is to contribute a healthy society through sports. We will offer encouragement to the approximately 20,000 runners and provide overall support as we participate in the event in 2013.

New Group Mid-Term Management Plan Sysmex launched the new Group Mid-Term Management Plan in April 2013 with the goal of maintaining our high

level of growth and further enhancing profitability. The plan is aimed at building a foundation for future growth by reinforcing our business promotion structures in each field of testing, according to the business unit structure, continuously investing in R&D and strengthening production capacity by improving production bases. The plan represents our aim of being a company that generates new value through unique technologies and business models, and executes rapidly. In April 2013, Sysmex established the Mid-Term CSR Plan (fiscal 2013–2015) based on the 10 Principles of the Global Compact, which Sysmex joined in 2011, and the ISO 26000 international standards for social responsibility. Based upon this plan, we will pursue CSR management aimed at resolving social issues. Sysmex will continue working to achieve sustainable development of the Group and the global community. We would like to ask our stakeholders for their continued support and understanding of all our endeavors. August 2013 Hisashi Ietsugu Chairman and CEO

Corporate Philosophy

Shaping the advancement of healthcare.

We continue to create unique and innovative values, while building trust and confidence.

With passion and flexibility, we demonstrate our individual competence and unsurpassed teamwork.

Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013


Highlight 1




Sysmex America, Inc. Sysmex Group’s regional headquarters for the Americas Location: Chicago, U.S.A. Main business: Sales of in vitro diagnostic systems and reagents

Collaboration area


Regional Headquarters for the Americas Expands and Relocates its Office, Strengthening Customer Support Infrastructure Sysmex America, which is the regional headquarters for North, South and Central America, has relocated and expanded its corporate offices, strengthening its service and support infrastructure to accommodate increased demand.

High-Quality Proprietary Services Making Sysmex No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction for 13 Consecutive Years Sysmex first established a subsidiary in the United States in Chicago in 1979, and in 2003 began providing direct sales and support as Sysmex America, Inc. (SAI), which serves as our regional headquarters. Since then SAI has sought to improve customer satisfaction and develop proprietary service and support. Sysmex Network Communication Systems (SNCS) is an online network support service used by numerous customers that monitors the performance of customers’ analyzers in real time, contributing to stable operations. Sysmex has received the top ranking among manufacturers of hematology analyzers in a survey of customer satisfaction*1 for 13 consecutive years for its efforts of service system and activities.


Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013

SAI’s high service quality has also earned the MarketTools ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Award*2 for two consecutive years.

* 1 IMV Service Track US user survey *2 The MarketTools ACE Award acknowledges companies for

outstanding achievement in customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and partner satisfaction.

Expanding and Relocating Corporate Offices to Accelerate Business Development SAI relocated and increased the size of its corporate offices in September, 2012 to match the expansion of its business in the Americas and pursue its growth strategy. Situated near the previous location, SAI’s new offices are in Lincolnshire, Illinois, providing quick access to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. SAI continues to use the former corporate campus for customer training on products. The new office has ample space for future expansion accompanying growth.

Opening Ceremony The September 2012 opening ceremony was attended by more than 300 people, including the local mayor, customers and employees.

Video Streaming

Virtual Customer Training Service

New office

Fully equipped studio for streaming videos of diagnostic instrument operating procedures

Sysmex America


Recording a video

Realizing interactive broadcasting

Strengthening Our Virtual Customer Training Services while Reducing Environmental Impact SAI’s sales and service coverage area is very broad, with the US area alone encompassing four time zones. SAI therefore began offering virtual training services to bring service and support to the customers in this broad region, including those in Canada. The newly built virtual training studio broadcasts live streaming of diagnostic instrument handling for customers under contract, including training programs, such as instrument operation procedure and emergency repairs. These trainings are geared to the degree of experience and skill of the medical technologist. The use of virtual training reduces the time and costs that were associated with visits to Chicago. Environmental impact is also reduced because the CO2 emissions that accompany travel are eliminated. Sysmex will continue to provide a full range of products, services and support that meet the needs

of customers in the Americas and across the globe as we strive to contribute to the development of healthcare. Words from an Employee

Making it Easier on Customers Located Far Away Zach Siejka Customer Training Sysmex America

We recently opened a studio from which we provide high-quality online training. The use of online streaming video training programs allows customers to take the training they want when they want it— “just in time”—at their own workplace. Our goal in establishing this online streaming video training system is to provide higher quality and value than our competitors.

Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013


Highlight 2

Employee welfare wing

Factory wing


Front gate and guard room

China Jinan Factory

(Jinan Sysmex Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.) Location: Jinan, Shandong, China Business: Manufacture and sales of diagnostic reagents

Upgrade of Reagent Production Factory in Jinan: Better for People and the Environment Sysmex has renovated its reagent production factory in Jinan, which commenced production in April 2012. This advanced reagent production factory takes into consideration the environment, people, quality and efficiency, and its future capacity will meet growing demand in China.

Stable Supply of Reagents to Meet Growing Demand for Laboratory Tests in China Sysmex established its first Chinese reagent production factory in Jinan in 1995 and its second factory in Wuxi in 2003 to provide a stable supply of reagents to customers in the Chinese market. China’s recent economic development has spurred healthcare system reform and encouraged efforts to enhance the country’s healthcare environment, causing demand for testing to expand. We therefore upgraded the reagent production factory in Jinan to meet growing demand in China, starting production at the new facility in April 2012.

Designing a Factory That is Good for People and the Environment We built the new factory based on four concepts from a CSR perspective: ECO, Human, High Quality and Flexible. Aiming for an eco-friendly factory, Sysmex


Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013

took such measures as using resources effectively and providing greenery around the factory. For example, we installed energy-conserving equipment such as high-efficiency air conditioning, automatic lighting controls and exterior lighting that relies in solar power. We also designed the piping system to conserve energy in cleaning processes, and keep temperatures down inside the factory by maintaining greenery on the roof and in the exterior spaces. We have sought to create a safe and clean workplace where our employees would feel safe and comfortable. For example, by mechanizing the conveyance of heavy products we can reduce workplace accidents. We also use natural lighting in workplaces, which has a refreshing effect to create bright and healthy-feeling spaces. We expanded our employee welfare facilities, such as the dining hall and recreation areas, and made a biotope and walkways that impart a refreshing natural feeling.

The Environment


An Eco-Friendly Factory that Takes the Global Environment into Consideration

Enhanced Employee Productivity and Motivation

• Energy-conserving air conditioning and lighting installed • Energy-conserving piping arrangement • Solar power used for exterior nighttime lighting • Rooftop gardens

• Mechanized heavy-product conveyance • Natural lighting in work areas • Open terrace, biotope and walkways • Open and airy dining and recreation rooms



Concept of the New Factory

Solar-powered lamps

High Quality


Quality and Efficiency

Future Capacity

Making Products that Assure Customer Satisfaction • Process automation for preventing quality fluctuation • Automated process recording strengthens quality checks • The layout for a factory tour

Dining room with natural lighting

Accommodating the Rapid Growth of the China Market

Four Renewal Concepts While the pursuit of quality and efficiency and the ability to expand in the future are givens, we take the global environment and our employees into consideration from a CSR perspective.

New production line seen from a factory tour corridor

Building a Highly Efficient and Flexible Production Space for the Future Following concern for the environment and people, two other concepts are quality/efficiency and future capacity. The goal of the reagent production factory in Jinan is to make products that instill customer confidence and assure their satisfaction, so we have pursued quality and efficiency. Through this factory renewal, we have created new production lines that blend an automated line for the quality-assured manufacturing with well-trained human skills for flexible manufacturing. We also have incorporated a layout for a customer factory tour. We anticipate population growth and rising demand for diagnostic testing in China, so we designed the new facilities to have the flexibility to meet increasing demand, enabling capacity in manufacturing area for mainstay products to approximately quintuple. We will continue to improve our production structure so that we can accommodate future market enviroment and growth, allowing us

• Expansion of manufacturing area for mainstay product • Installation of expandable production lines • Additional production space available for products in different manufacturing processes

Expandable production area

to meet rising testing demand in China as well as the rest of Asia while contributing to the improvement of regional healthcare and the QOL of patients. Words from an Employee

Supplying Good Products from a New Factory with a Comfortable Working Environment Liu Tong Management Planning Department Jinan Sysmex

The new factory has commenced operation, and work efficiency has improved by the streamlined production area. Automation has also reduced the burden on employees, which increases production capacity and creates a better working environment. The new factory has more greenery, so I can enjoy my lunch in natural, comfortable surroundings. The pleasant work environment at the new factory inspires all of us to continue effort to provide customers with a stable supply of superior products.

Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013


CSR Initiatives

Setting Mid-Term Objectives for CSR Activities

In April 2013, Sysmex established the Mid-Term CSR Plan (fiscal 2013–2015) based on the 10 Principles of the Global Compact and ISO 26000 international standards for social responsibility, to foster CSR efforts. Sysmex will contribute to the resolution of social issues by applying PDCA to its CSR efforts based on this plan. (See Table 1.) We have revised our long-term environmental objectives after taking our efforts up to now into consideration. (See Table 2.)

Table 1. Sysmex Mid-Term CSR Plan (Fiscal 2013–2015) Category

CSR Mid-Term Objectives


Organizational governance

Reinforcement of the compliance system

Revision of Group compliance system

Improvement of business continuity plan

Continuous improvement of business continuity plan Promotion of female employee activity

Human rights / Labour practices

Promotion of diversity

The Environment

Promotion of Environmental activities based on the long-term environmental objectives, Sysmex Eco-Vision 2020

Offering eco-friendly products and services

Promotion of fair trade

Revision of Group compliance system concerning fair trade

Promotion of CSR procurement

Establishment and notification of procurement policies from the CSR point of view

Enhancement of information security

Shoring up the information security system

Improvement of customer satisfaction

Enhancement of our Voice of the Customer (VOC)-based manufacturing and service structures

Promotion of corporate citizenship activities and philanthropy

Promoting activities based on the Policy on Corporate Citizenship Activities and Philanthropy

Fair operating practices Consumer issues Community involvement and development

Making the workplace more motivating

Reduction of the environmental impact of our operations

Table 2. Long-Term Environmental Objectives (Fiscal 2020)

(Sysmex Group Environmental Action Plan ― Sysmex Eco-Vision 2020) Items

Long-Term Environmental Objectives (FY 2020)

Promote eco-friendly products and service models • Develop eco-friendly products by giving consideration for energy saving, downsizing, weight-reduced packaging • Develop products with no animal-derived ingredients • Develop products that meet local regulations • Promote eco-friendly service models

Environment consciousness in product life cycle process

Reduce carbon dioxide emissions for logistics by 50%

(per unit of freight ton-km: Japan domestic and inter-regional transportation)*1 (Base year: FY2010)

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions at business offices by 50% (per unit of consolidated sales)*2 (Base year: FY2008)

Environment consciousness at business offices

Achieve a recycle rate of 93% or higher at all business offices (Japan region: 99%, other regions: 83%)*3

Reduce water usage at reagent factories by 10% (per unit of amount of Production) (Base year: FY2008)

* 1 Sysmex Corporation *2 Business offices: All Factories and major business sites*4 (head office, Technopark, Solution Center, R&D Center, Regional Headquarters and factories) *3 Business offices: All Factories and major business sites that product and/or chemical substances are handled (Technopark, Solution Center and factories) *4 Major business sites: Elected according to the employee number in the business site and/or volume of environmental impact 9

Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013

Global CSR Topics The following are our major CSR progress in fiscal 2012 by region.



Promoting educational opportunities for employees and personnel exchanges that transcend national borders Supporting efforts to fight disease as a healthcare company


* Europe, the Middle East and Africa


Nurturing an open corporate culture to be a good place to work Actively using natural energy to reduce CO2 emissions



Supporting the smooth return to work of employees who have taken childrearing or nursing care leave Pursuing a variety of corporate citizenship activities in cooperation with local communities



Supporting efforts to enhance clinical professionals’ skills in providing advanced healthcare

Asia Pacific


Developing corporate citizenship activities to be a Company rooted in local communities

Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013


Japan Supporting the Smooth Return to Work of Employees Who Have Taken Childrearing or Nursing Care Leave Sysmex Corporation has established a well-planned system for promoting a good work-life balance for its employees. While this of course includes support for raising and caring for children, we also support employees who need nursing care for parents or other family members, to nurture a workplace environment where people feel reassurance.

Focus on Support for Work-Life Balance

Implementation of New Support Systems

Sysmex Corporation offers childcare leave and shorter work hour systems to ensure that parents can spend as much time together with their children as possible. We have opened the Sysmex Kids Park, an in-house daycare center, at our Technopark, a research and development office, which provides full- and part-time daycare for babies. We also have established hiring and employment systems that correspond to the diverse lifestyles of our employees.

In February 2013, Sysmex Corporation implemented a new support system to facilitate the smooth return to work of employees who have taken childrearing or nursing care leave, and the employee is loaned a tablet or notebook PC that he or she can use to connect to the Sysmex email system and intranet. Three months prior to returning to work the employee on leave can begin viewing “in-house only” company information. Being cut off from the workplace can be an obstacle to a later smooth return. However, this set-up allows the employee to access Company information at home in real-time, and enables better communications with colleagues through email. This IT-based system helps the employee get through the leave period without experiencing the torment of feelings of alienation and loneliness, and also allows the employee to play an active role at the workplace upon his or her return.

Work-Life Balance Support Systems Reemployment system for employees who have suspended careers to raise children or provide nursing care Flextime system Accumulated paid-leave system used by employees caring for sick children or parents Implementation of systems allowing employees who have taken leave for childrearing or nursing care to view Company information prior to returning to work New! In-house childcare facilities (for full- and part-time use)

Words from an Employee

My Return to Work was Worry-Free Thanks to the Return-to-Work Support System. Rino Matsuzaki

Next-generation support certification logo (nicknamed “Kurumin”) received from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in FY2011

Sysmex Kids Park in-house daycare center


Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013

Quality Management System Department Sysmex Corporation

I used the return-to-work support system after taking 18 months of childcare leave. I was concerned after having been away from work for such a long time, but by using the PC loaned to me under the system I was able to view company information, and also was able to keep in touch with my colleagues via email. This allowed me to feel confident about returning to my job.

Pursuing a Variety of Corporate Citizenship Activities in Cooperation with Local Communities Sysmex Corporation is aware of its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, so we actively participate in our local communities. This includes helping to invigorate our home community of Kobe and supporting programs that contribute to the health of people there, as well as engaging in a broad variety of other corporate citizenship activities.

Special Sponsorship of the Kobe Marathon 2012 Sysmex Corporation was a special sponsor of the Kobe Marathon 2012, held in November 2012, for the second year in a row. In addition to providing the bib numbers to be worn by the approximately 20,000 runners, we exhibited at the Kobe Marathon EXPO 2012, and Sysmex employee volunteers provided comprehensive event support by supplying water and other efforts.

Support for the Letters for the Future Project Sysmex Corporation is a corporate supporter of the Letters for the Future Project sponsored by the non-profit Japan Philanthropy Association. Through this project, derivation of a name and stories of family members associated with the birth of a child are put in a letter for future viewing. In January 2013, we held an event related to this project at the Sysmex in-house daycare center, at which parents put their thoughts and feelings in letters to their children, strengthening family ties.

Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Support through Our Products In July 2012, Sysmex Corporation loaned diagnostic instruments and provided the advisory services of our in-house dieticians to the Akita Association of Medical Technologists for use in the health checkups it provides free-of-charge to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. On the date of the health checkups, it provides ranging in age from young children to the elderly were provided services such as hematology testing, urinalysis and measurements of visceral fat.

Kobe Marathon 2012

Words from an Employee

Our Support Helped the Runners Participate with Confidence. Kozue Nagai IR & Corporate Communication Department Sysmex Corporation

Sysmex was a special corporate sponsor of the 2nd Kobe Marathon, and I took part in a company project to help make the event a success. The goal of the project was to develop the marathon’s theme of “Thanks and Friendship,” so employees formed teams to provide water and encouragement to the runners, and also provided information at the EXPO and through the Sysmex Kobe Marathon Special Website. This made for a livelier meet and inspired confidence in the runners. I believe that the 3rd Kobe Marathon, to be held in November 2013, will contribute to the enlivening of our home-base of Kobe.

Health checkups for Great East Japan Earthquake victims

Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013


Americas Promoting Educational Opportunities for Employees and Personnel Exchanges that Transcend National Borders Sysmex America, our regional headquarters for the Americas, strives to offer employees a variety of educational opportunities. We respect individuality and human rights, and are working to create a motivating workplace environment so as to maintain high levels of employee satisfaction.

Introducing Extensive Training Programs Sysmex America has been executing educational programs in coordination with outside institutions since 2005. We offer training programs covering 40 themes that are strongly connected to Sysmex’s business, and have achieved a 90% satisfaction level among employees who have enrolled. In addition to group training, we also have made approximately 180 types of e-learning program available. In addition, we have created a scholarship funding program for providing up to $5,250 in financial support to employees pursuing self-directed study at outside institutions. In addition to the above, Sysmex America is also cultivating business leaders through our Mini MBA Program, in which enrollees sharpen basic skills, such as finance and management, analyze Sysmex’s issues and strengths over a period of three-months or more, and make recommendations.

Mini MBA Program graduates

Global Personnel Exchange Program Our global personnel are the source of our management strength and the core of our global business, and Sysmex focuses on their training so as to develop skills and create a nurturing work environment. We promoted exchanges of Japanese and overseas personnel in fiscal 2012 by instituting the Global Personnel Exchange Program for strengthening ties through deeper mutual understanding. In November 2012, our Group companies in America, Canada, and Brazil dispatched eight employees to Japan for about two weeks, where they visited the Sysmex business offices and got to know their counterparts in Japan.


Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013

Global Personnel Exchange (office tour)

Global Personnel Exchange (experiencing a tea ceremony)

Supporting Efforts to Fight Disease as a Healthcare Company Sysmex America has engaged in the development of the healthcare sector for many years, and seeks to contribute to the creation of good society from a health perspective. We therefore support the voluntary health charity efforts of local employees.

Support for NPO Engaged in Blood Cancer Research Grants and Patient Support Sysmex America continuously supports the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), which provides funding for blood cancer research and patient support. Volunteers from Sysmex America joined in LLS’s fundraising “Illinois Man & Woman of the Year” campaign. Participants in the campaign planned and executed fundraising activities, with the monies raised donated to LLS. During this year’s campaign, volunteer

employees invited employees, their families, friends, and local residents to a dance event, beach party, and golf event, to gather money for donations totaling $78,803. Sysmex America also provides support to the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

Presentation of donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Sysmex employee volunteer (with a child receiving support through the campaign)

Sysmex Named to Companies That Care Honor Roll for its Corporate Citizenship Activities Sysmex America was selected for 2013 Honor Roll status by an NPO in the United States. Sysmex has been awarded this honor for five consecutive years since 2009 in recognition of the company’s efforts to encourage corporate citizenship activities create a motivating workplace, and other practices.

Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013




* EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa)

Nurturing an Open Corporate Culture to Be a Good Place to Work Sysmex Europe, our regional headquarters for the EMEA region, maintains a lively workplace where employee human rights are respected and each individual feels motivated. We are undertaking measures to create a nurturing, open and fair corporate culture.

Creating an Open Corporate Culture Sysmex Europe creates many opportunities for communication among employees, such as marketing meetings, function meetings, and unit meetings. Each season brings events in which all employees can participate, as well as a Christmas party, all of which constitute good chances for in-house communication. Sysmex Europe has also adopted an open-door policy, and encourages employees to speak frankly with managers. Employee event

High Marks in the Employee Satisfaction Survey For the first time Sysmex Europe took part in a benchmark study on quality and attractiveness of workplace culture along with over 400 companies in the form of a survey by a German researcher. In the survey, 90 percent of our employees confirm that Sysmex Europe is a very good place to work, landing Sysmex Europe among Germany's Best Employers in 2012. Employees of Sysmex Europe, selected as one of Germany’s Best Employers in 2012

Selected as No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction Survey In the IVD Service Monitor 2012, an annual survey of five major companies handling hematology analyzers, Sysmex Europe was chosen No. 1 in customer satisfaction survey for the second year in a row.


Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013

Actively Using Natural Energy to Reduce CO2 Emissions A strong sense of environmental awareness exists in Europe, so Sysmex Group companies in Europe engage in eco-friendly efforts in response to community demand.

Reducing Environmental Impact More than anything else, Europe today demands companies reduce environmental impact across the entire range of their business. Sysmex Group companies in Europe are giving their all to meet the expectations of the community.

Efforts in Germany Sysmex Europe is making all efforts to switch to renewable forms of energy, such as water, wind, geothermal heat, and sunlight. Photovoltaic systems are being installed at our own factories, and we are entering into renewable energy power supply agreements with power companies in an effort to increase our ratio of renewables-derived power purchased. We have been actively implementing effective power use measures, such as the full-scale launch of a heat recovery system, since fiscal 2012. We are also using eco-cars in our company fleet. Another way we broadly reduced CO2 emissions was to move the reagent warehouse closer to the Neumünster factory, cutting the distance by around 90 km.

Photovoltaic System (Sysmex Europe Neumünster factory)

Wind Power Water Power

Renewable Energy Geothermal Heat Sunlight

Efforts in France Sysmex France operates an ISO 14001-based environmental management system to reduce environmental impact. In addition to curbing waste emissions and practicing waste separation, the company has reduced annual per-vehicle fuel consumption by 5%, and promotes “eco-driving.” Sysmex France has also succeeded in reducing used paper volume by switching to a lighter gauge of paper and encouraging two-sided printing.

Eco-car using natural gas (Sysmex Europe)

Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013


China Supporting Efforts to Enhance Clinical Professionals’ Skills in Providing Advanced Healthcare Healthcare needs are growing in tandem with the rising economy in China, and Sysmex is working to help bring about a healthy society. We conduct programs for study and training in China, mainly at Sysmex Shanghai.

Seminars in China Sysmex keeps clinical professionals updated on scientific information by sponsoring seminars and study sessions for doctors and medical technologists. In fiscal 2012, Sysmex Shanghai held the 15th Scientific Seminar and XN launch event after receiving approval in China for the XN-Series, our flagship model in the hematology field. We held lectures by specialists and information sessions on themes such as clinical testing in the medical system reform currently underway in China, as well as an XN-Series introductory presentation. These were attended by 1,200 clinical professionals from around China.

Training Program Aimed at Standardization of Clinical Testing Technologies In July 2012, we held a training program in Jinan, Shandong Province, to provide technical support for clinical technologists concerning clinical testing standardization in cooperation with the Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine and the Chinese Hospital Information Management Association. Around 150 clinical technologists attended. As the sole sponsor of this public clinical technologist program, in addition to participating Sysmex Shanghai spent around two months preparing it. This program constituted the largest-scale training project in Shandong, and everyone, including the public agencies, showed great appreciation for Sysmex’s support.


Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013

15th Sysmex Scientific Seminar in China

Training program aimed at testing standardization

Asia Pacific Developing Corporate Citizenship Activities to Be a Company Rooted in Local Communities In the Asia Pacific region we are engaging in activities that meet community needs, aiming for development with local communities.

Support for a Sewing Learning Center in Malaysia Sysmex Malaysia donated RM3,000 toward the establishment of a sewing center operated by Jumble Station, a community outreach initiative of Parents without Partners Bhd, an NGO created to gather donations to assist single parents. 22 representatives of Sysmex Malaysia and two from Sysmex Asia Pacific attended the center’s opening ceremony in May 2012. The center is offering training of sewing classes by well-known local designers at a low cost for housewives and single mothers who need income-producing skills. The women are able to cover living expenses once they can take dressmaking orders. In the future the center plans to hold English class as well as arts and crafts classes for children, along with sewing classes. Sysmex Malaysia will continue to support the center, to assist community development.

Taking on Interns from India Sysmex accepts students seeking work experience as part of our support for employment in the regions where we conduct business. While up to now we had taken on interns from South Korea, China, Russia, and other countries, in May 2012 we invited three Indian students to Japan, where they toured plants and got experience in instrument maintenance. This was the first time Indian students had done internships at Sysmex. These efforts provide opportunities for Sysmex to gain the interest of students overseas. We will continue such internship programs as part of our efforts to foster regional development in tandem with the growth of our business.

Jumble Station Sewing Learning Center

Work experience of interns from India

Sysmex Sustainability Report 2013


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