The British Pharmacopoeia 2018

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The British Pharmacopoeia 2018

Contact your TSO Sales Manager or Customer Services on +44 (0)1603 696977 or email [email protected]

New, legally enforced standards, effective from 1 January 2018. All Europoean Pharmacopoeial texts included.

Technical specifications

Updated annually, the BP is the only comprehensive collection of authoritative official standards for UK pharmaceutical substances and medicinal products.


It includes approximately 4,000 monographs which are legally enforced by the Human Medicines Regulations 2012. Where a monograph exists, medicinal products sold or supplied in the UK must comply with the relevant monograph.

ISBN: 9780113230372 FORMATS: Hardback print, online, download HARDBACK SIZE: 6 volumes in slipcase 248w x 368h x 239d mm approx HARDBACK EXTENT: 6,000pp approx PRICE: £1,000.00 SUBJECT/CATEGORY: Health/Pharmacopoeia/ Pharmaceutical/ Reference

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All monographs and requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) are reproduced in the BP, making it a comprehensive, value-for-money collection of UK and European standards. The standard package includes a printed edition, an online licence and a download for offline use; but other formats and bundles are available. Add the BP Archive option to your standard package and receive online access to all the BP editions from 2014 to date.

New for the BP 2018 The British Pharmacopoeia (BP) 2018 supersedes the BP 2017 and becomes legally effective on 1 January 2018. This edition incorporates new BP and European Pharmacopoeia monographs and a significant number of revised monographs. Q 35 new BP monographs, 39 new Ph. Eur. monographs Q 185 amended BP monographs

Q Four new formulated preparation monographs for biological medicines Q Four new monographs for unlicensed formulations

Q Four new n monographs for herbal medicines

Q A new Supplementary Chapter on Raw Materials of Biological Origin for the Production of Cell-based and Gene Therapy Medicinal Products Produc Q All Euro European Pharmacopoeia monographs integrated (9th Edition as amende amended by Supplements 9.1 to 9.2)

Q Three in-year website and offline download updates to harmonise with the European Pharmacopoeia Supplements 9.3, 9.4 and 9.5 Europe

The BP 2018 package Customers can choose from a number of options that best meet their needs. Customer Q A six-vo six-volume printed edition, including the BP (Veterinary) 2018 Q A sing single-user online licence*

Q A sing single-user download for offline use* *These single-user licences are granted solely to the designated holder of the product within an organisation. Multi-user licences are available.