The Cultural Tourism Program in Bangkruay District, …

image, visiting ancient ruins and studying cultures, invitation for fish feeding, information acknowledge ... products, tour guide books, passing rout...

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CULTURAL TOURISM IN KERALA Cultural Tourism is travel to experience and, in some cases, participate in ... To examine the culture inherited from the past. c

To learn the preservation and unearthing of traditional culture, and transforming traditional culture into tourism resource. Understanding of tourism culture of the world. To understand tourism culture of major countries of the East and the West. Und

The overall purpose of the study is to be a ... videotapes and notes from direct field ... THE IMPACT OF CULTURAL TOURISM IN SMALL TOWN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

Enero – Marzo 2015 January – March 2015. Programa Cultural. Cultural Program. M an i l

Digital images of the famous shooting the fan scene from the Genpei War were projected on a water ... Page 43 of 62. 44 Discovering and utilizing new historical landmarks Castle wall from a Korean-style fortress built in the 7th century have been dis

categories of cultural tourism, many of which could be divided into further subsets: heritage tourism, arts tourism, urban cultural tourism, rural cultural tourism, indigenous cultural tourism and contemporary cultural tourism. McKercher and du Cros

Thesis Title Sustainable Tourism Development in World Cultural Heritage site, ... Prince of Songkla ... decision making and benefits were rated at the ƒfair

Protecting cultural heritage tourism sites with the ubiquitous ... Context diagram of U-cultural heritage ... applications by allowing developers to develop,

บทคัดย่อ การวิจัยในครั้งนี้มีวัตถุประสงค์เพื่อศึกษาการพัฒนาการบริหารจัดการของผู้ประกอบการการท่องเที่ยว

1 TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN RAIGAD DISTRICT: A GEOGRAPHICAL ANALYSIS Synopsis of the Thesis Submitted To Faculty of Moral and …