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From the National Bestselling Author of You Have the Power ... And our special time together each day ... Fight Tiny And Love Big 61 Nothing Is Imposs...

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Bo Sanchez The Boss Fourth Collection

Bo sanchez

Bo Sanchez’ books have blessed millions of readers with their simple yet powerful, life-changing messages. As proof, every single day, Bo’s inbox overflows with grateful emails from readers, ages nine to 99, from almost every part of the planet. Ironically, Bo still doesn’t consider himself a great writer. When praised for being one, he would say, “I just like to tell stories.” But it’s specifically these stories that have touched hearts. Thousands have written to him, declaring that their lives have been radically changed by his writings. His books are miracles in themselves. He has written seven so far, and all of them have become bestsellers. One of his most widely read books are the collections from “The Boss” articles from Kerygma, the #1 inspirational magazine in the country. The book you hold in your hand is the much-awaited fourth collection of this bestselling series. This book can profoundly bless your life.

From the National Bestselling Author of You Have the Power to Create Love and Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

Fill your Life WITH MIRACLES


Discover God in the Ordinary… and Live Extraordinarily!


FILL YOUR LIFE WITH MIRACLES Discover God in the Ordinary… and Live Extraordinarily!

Bo Sanchez The Boss Fourth Collection

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Your laughter, the most magnificent music Your morning hugs, like all of heaven embracing my soul And our special time together each day Sitting on our cramped living room floor Romping, dancing, wrestling, singing, and making a mess of Mommy’s house I shall never forget these playtimes with you For they are sacred moments Where God visits me And says hello

Bene and Francis, my biggest miracles

Fill Your Life Miracles Copyright 2005 by Bo Sanchez

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ISBN- 971-92613-7-4 The stories in this book first appeared in KERYGMA magazine under the column, The Boss, by Bo Sanchez. This is the fourth collection of the series. 



Preface Undergo God’s Theraphy Choose the Right Pain Trust that God Knows What He’s Talking About Know the Story Behind the Story See Each Person As a Gift Life Is a Journey With Lots of Waiting – So Learn All You Can Life Is a Journey With Lots of Waiting – So Learn All You Can (Part 2) Do the Boring Basics Don’t Be Afraid to Feel Create Some Miracles You Teach People How To Treat You Allow God To Take Care Of You Never Say You’re Ripe Fight Tiny And Love Big Nothing Is Impossible With God Love Your In-laws Change If Your Beloved Asks You To Change Love Gays Stop Complaining Speak Less, Listen More Dirty Your Hands

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Be Rich Form Your Own Dream Team A Letter To My Son Allow Your God To Be Worldly Offer Up Your Distractions Fight Evil Use Your Greatest Power Don’t Just Attend Mass – Live It Don’t Be Attached To Things Acknowledge Your Masks Open Yourself To Extreme, Excessive, Extravagant Grace Never Forget Your Fragility Dream Of A First World Philippines Stand In Awe Before Miracles About the Author

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My life is filled with miracles. Mysteries that are as phenomenal and beautiful and magnificent as this universe. But most often, I don’t see them. Because they’re hidden beneath the stuff we call ordinary. Ordinary events. Ordinary moments. Ordinary people. Especially ordinary people. Usually, God has to tap me on the shoulder, point them out and say, “That’s a miracle, son… and there’s another one… and there’s one more… oh, here’s another one….” In this book, I invite you to walk with me for a while, and eavesdrop on God talking about the miracles that He sees in my life. In the process, you’ll realize that your own life has them in abundance as well. So richly abundant in fact, you can’t stand it. And like me, you too will scream, Why am I so blessed? Through these pages, you’ll also realize that you have the ability to fill your life with more miracles each day. It’s a decision that you can make every time you breathe. 



undergo god’s THERAPY Reflexo-foot-therapy. Hmmm. Sounded wacky. And interesting. Intrigued, I marched boldly into the Blessed Pedro Calungsod Healing Center whose only service was this new reflexo-foot-therapy. What I saw encouraged me. The other patients around me seemed relaxed, some of them asleep. So I sat down, gave my foot to a young fellow, and prepared myself for a refreshing, restoring, relaxing therapy. I also planned to doze off for a while as well. But when the foot therapy began, I suddenly realized why they named the Healing Center after Blessed Pedro Calungsod. I remembered that this saint was tortured before his death in monstrous ways, and at that moment, I felt my therapist wanted me to be a saint as well. In other words, he was torturing me. Gosh, I realized these other patients around me weren’t dozing off. 


I concluded the pain was moving them in and out of consciousness. I also recognized I would never become a good martyr. Because at that moment, I wanted to scream, “Stop! I’ll do anything you want me to do! Anything! Just stop torturing my foot!” My therapist smiled at me and said, “Choose, my friend. Do you want the pain of therapy or the pain of sickness?” Just my luck. My torturer was also a philosopher. As I bit my lower lip and gripped the wooden bench beneath me to a pulp, I admitted to myself that what he said had punch. I was able to coherently ask, “What do you mean?” “I’m removing the clogs in your system. When your circulation is smooth, you’ll feel much better and you’ll be able to prevent disease.” True enough, 20 minutes later, I felt like a new man. I felt refreshed and relaxed. I also slept like a babe that night. I heard that there were stroke victims who came to that center on stretchers and wheelchairs and went out walking — after a few months of therapy. 10


His question kept ringing in my ear: Do you want the pain of therapy or the pain of sickness? Listen carefully to what I’m going to say. Are you going through big problems right now? Through your trials, God is giving you painful therapy. But only so that He can save you from greater pain. The pain of a bigger problem. The pain of staying stuck and not growing. The pain of losing your faith. Whatever it is, embrace God’s therapy. After the therapy, you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed. And you’ll sleep like a babe.





CHOOSE THE RIGHT PAIN “I wish I…(gasp) didn’t start… (gasp) smoking at the… (gasp) age of 17… (gaaaaaaaasp!)” It was tiring to just watch Joe breath. Every act of inhaling for him was pure torture. Joe has severe emphysema — an incurable lung condition, often caused by prolonged smoking. The way he breathed, you’d think he was having an asthma attack 24 hours a day. Joe hasn’t gone out of his room for five years now. Because he can’t. He just lies in bed the whole day, staring at the ceiling, mumbling to himself. I should know. Because he’s been in Anawim, our home for the aged, for all these five years. I remember the first time I met him. “I caused this on myself,” he said. (I’m omitting the gasps in between his words. Or I’ll consume 20 pages for this chapter.) “I’m suffering now because I 13


didn’t have the commitment to stop smoking, even if everyone was telling me to stop. So I smoked for 40 years. So here I am, paying for it…. Oh, if only I can turn back the hands of time!” Watching him suffer on his bed makes me think of the young guys and gals smoking today, thinking they’re so cool. I’ll tell them, “Visit Joe for a day — just one day — and see if it’s still cool. Stare at Joe as he breathes. Watch your future unfold before your eyes.” I’ve realized one thing about life. You can never escape pain. But at least you can choose between two types of pain. First is the pain of commitment. Second is the pain of regret. The first pain weighs a kilo. But the second pain weighs a ton. Joe did not choose the pain of commitment. There were probably many times when he tried to stop. There were probably many New Year’s resolutions made about quitting smoking. But he wanted to be cool. He chose the pain of regret. Yesterday, I met another man who didn’t choose the pain of commitment. 14


Let’s call him Mark. Mark abandoned his wife and three kids for a younger woman. His wife is devastated. His kids are confused, angry, and rebellious. “I still love my wife, Bo,” he told me, “but my feelings for this other girl is something I’ve never felt before….” And I’m sure the fact that she’s sexier, more touchy, and younger by five years has nothing to do with that incredible feeling of his. Mark even had the guts to ask me if what he did was right. “You’re lying,” I told him, “you don’t love your wife, because love means choosing the pain of commitment. Of sticking around for better or worse.” I told him that, one day, he’s going to have the pain of regret. When he sees his kids and grandkids — bearing the scars of his unfaithfulness. When he sees his wife — and the depth of suffering he gave her. As an old man, he will look at the devastation he caused. And he will weep with the sadness of a thousand years. 15