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User Manual Portable Conference Phone for Skype

Contents 1. Before You Begin


2. Software Installation


3. Hardware Configuration


4. Phone Layout


5. Operating Instructions


6. FAQ and Troubleshooting


7. Warranty and Customer Service Information



1. Before You Begin 1. Before You Begin Thank you for purchasing the IPEVO TR-10 Portable Conference Phone for Skype (or TR-10 – to keep things simple)! Skype has introduced new ways for individuals and businesses to communicate online and the TR-10 is a new and ideal way to explore and experience the best of these Skype features. Throughout this guide, you will find hints and reminders about common problems encountered during installation. However, in the event of further problems or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your local retailer or customer service representatives. Contact details can be found at: contact.htm If you feel that TR-10 has made Skype even better, or if you would like to pass on any friendly tips, suggestions or advice to the IPEVO team, please feel free to Skype us too (Skype ID: cs_ipevo)!

Package Contents · IPEVO Portable Conference Phone for Skype TR-10 (TR-10) · USB Extension Cord · Software installation CD · Quick Start Guide

SystemRequirements · Microsoft Windows XP or Vista 32-bit, Mac OSX 10.4 or above · 400 MHz Pentium® II or higher IBM® compatible PC with 128MB free RAM and 50MB free hard disk space · Skype version 3.0 or above · Broadband internet connection · USB port · CD-ROM drive


2. Software Installation 2. Software Installation Remember to check for the latest version of Skype ( and TR-10 product driver ( to get the best performance from your IPEVO integrated Skype device. To install the TR-10 driver on your computer: 1. Insert the TR-10 Setup CD into your CD-ROM drive. The following screen will appear to begin installation.

Problems?: If the installation process does not start automatically at this stage, simply locate your CDROM drive and double click on the IPEVO.exe icon to manually start the process.

2. Click Link to Skype software if it is not already installed on your computer. An installation wizard will guide you through the rest of the process. You can also download the latest version of Skype at http:// Problems?: TR-10 is designed to use the Skype software for processing calls, and will not work without Skype. Ensure that the Skype software is installed and running on your PC prior to using TR-10.

3. Click on Install TR-10 Driver. Follow the on screen instructions to install the software.


2. Software Installation 4. If TR-10 is not already connected to your computer, a screen will prompt you to do now as part of the installation process. To complete the TR-10 driver installation, simply connect TR-10 to your computer’s USB Port. When Skype prompts you that another program wants to access Skype. Select Allow this program to use Skype and Click OK.

5. A screen prompt will appear to notify you once installation is complete and the IPEVO Control Center icon will appear on the system tray of your desktop. The IPEVO Control Center allows you to conveniently access and customize preferences for TR-10.


3. Hardware Configuration 3. Hardware Configuration 1. The IPEVO Control Center lets you easily configure preferences for TR-10, including audio and recording settings. Double click on the icon from the system tray to open the IPEVO Control Center.

Problems?: If the IPEVO Control Center is not running, you can start the program manually on the Start Menu under All Programs/IPEVO/IPEVO Control Center and click on the icon.

2. Under Audio Settings tab, you will see the Skype Audio Device panel. From the drop-down list, select TR-10 to use it as the device for making and receiving Skype calls 3. To use TR-10 and your computer speakers at the same time, click on the Open Windows audio control panel link in the Windows Default Audio Device panel and select your computer sound card from the drop-down list. Problems?: If there is no output from the external speakers after connecting TR-10 to your computer, please check that the configuration values are correct.


4. Phone Layout 4. Phone Layout Explanation of button functions and indicator light signals are provided in the relevant section of the Operating Instructions.


ON/OFF Indicator

End/No Button

Call/Yes/ Hold Button

Skype Button

Volume Button

Stop Recording Button

Mute Button

Record/ Pause Button Call Status Indicator



4. Phone Layout

Speaker/Handset Indicator Receiver Speaker/Handset Switch



5. Operating Instructions 5. Operating Instructions 5.1 Making/Receiving Calls 5.1.1 Types of Skype Calls The TR-10 Skype phone lets you call anyone in your Skype Contact list, as well as making calls to any telephone or mobile phone numbers. Using TR-10 makes personal or conference calls through Skype a simple and convenient process. Skype Menu

Call Type


Used For




PC to PC. Both parties must use Skype

Call Phones


Rate varies depending on region

PC to telephone or cellular phone. Receiver does not have Skype ID.

Contacts > Conference


Rate varies depending on usage

Combination of Skype contacts and ordinary phone numbers.

5.1.2 Overview of Phone Operation The TR-10 is designed to be fully integrated with the Skype software, allowing the user to access a number of Skype functions from the device itself. Typical usage can include input from both the Skype software and TR-10.

Launch Skype

Select Call Type: 1. Skype-to-Skype 2. SkypeOut 3. Conference

Function available on:



Dial/ AnswerCall



Select TR-10 Mode: Speaker OR Handset

End/ Reject Call

Close Skype

5. Operating Instructions 5.1.3 Call Status Indicator The Call Status Indicator LED can be used to determine the current status of TR-10, and is handy for managing your calls without referring to the computer screen: Indicator Signal

Phone Stauts

Light on (Green)

Call in progress

Light on (Red)


Light off


Quick flash

Incoming call

5.1.4 Switching Between Speaker and Handset Modes You can use TR-10 in speaker mode for hands-free or conference calls, or switch to handset mode to keep your conversations private. The Speaker/Handset switch is located on the side of the phone.

Locate the mode switch

Toggle between handset (left; green light on) or conference mode (right; no light)

For better reception and audio clarity, you should position TR-10 accordingly to use. TR-10 has been designed to stand in a number of positions, and is comfortable for use as a handset. TR-10 in speaker mode



and in handset mode:

5. Operating Instructions 5.2 Recording Calls freeRec is an easy-to-use free software program that allows you record and save any voice and Skype calls onto your PC. Audio files are saved in Wave (.wav) format. 5.2.1 Configuring freeREC 1. Launch freeREC by pressing the Record/Pause button on the TR-10. You can also start freeREC by clicking on the Open freeREC button located in the IPEVO Control Center in the Recorder Settings tab. 2. Click the Options button from the main screen to open the Options window. 3. Modify or change any settings according to your personal preference. 4. You can also change the location where the audio files are saved by clicking on the blue arrow next to where the folder name is displayed.


5. Operating Instructions 5.2.2 Recording audio files To use freeREC for recording, first connect TR-10 to your computer and make sure IPEVO Control Center is running. Some of the recording functions on freeREC can also be conveniently accessed on TR-10: · Record/Pause button lets you launch freeREC. When freeREC is running, it is used to pause or resume a recording · Stop recording button stops and saves the current recording in an audio file Recording audio files:


On TR-10

In freeREC

Start recording



Pause recording



Resume recording



Stop recording



You can pause and resume a recording at anytime using freeREC or TR-10. This is useful for editing any parts or interruptions from the main recording. The Recording Status Indicator will light up while a record is taking place, and flash when the recording is paused. The indicator will switch off when the recording is stopped. Note: Pressing the stop button while the recording is paused will stop the recording and save it as an audio file.

5.2.3 Playing audio using freeREC Use freeREC as a normal audio file player to play back any saved files on your TR-10. You do not need to have IPEVO Control Center active when playing audio files using TR-10. Playing audio files:


In freeREC

Start playing


Pause playing


Resume playing


Stop playing


Skip back (3 seconds)


Note: If you are running the IPEVO Control Center when using TR-10 for audio file playback, you can use the Stop button on TR-10 as normal.


6. FAQ and Troubleshooting 6. FAQ and Troubleshooting I’ve accidentally selected ‘Do not allow this program to use Skype’, how do I change this setting? The buttons and call features for TR-10 will not work if you selected ‘Do not allow this program to use Skype’ when you connect TR-10 to your computer. To change this setting from Skype: 1. Start Skype. Go to the Tools menu and select Options from the drop-down menu.

2. Select the Privacy panel from the menu on the left, locate the Related Tasks section and click on the link ‘Manage other programs’ to access Skype’.

Note: In newer versions of Skype, this option may be found under the Advanced panel instead of the Privacy panel. 12

6. FAQ and Troubleshooting 3. Select IPEVO Control Center.exe in the Manage API Access Control window and click Change.

4. From the list of options provided for IPEVO Control Center.exe, select Allow this program to use Skype and click OK to modify and save this setting.


6. FAQ and Troubleshooting Nothing happens when I press the Skype button on TR-10. The TR-10 driver runs an automatic background service as the IPEVO Control Center on your desktop system tray. If the IPEVO Control Center icon is not visible on your system tray, go to Start > All Programs > IPEVO and click on IPEVO Control Center to start it manually.

The other party cannot hear me when I make a call using TR-10. Please go to the IPEVO Control Center and locate the Audio Settings tab. Under the Skype Audio Device panel, check to see if the Audio Input value has been set to TR-10. Alternatively, try adjusting the Audio Input slider under the Volume Setting panel and make sure the Mute box is not checked.

I have connected TR-10 to the computer, but there is no sound coming from the external speakers. Please open IPEVO Control Center and select the Audio Settings tab. Under Windows Default Audio Device, click on the Open Windows audio control panel link and select your computer speakers then click OK.

I have connected TR-10 to the computer, and there is sound coming from the speakers but not from TR-10. Please open IPEVO Control Center and select the Sound Devices tab. Under the Skype Audio Device panel, check that the Audio Output value is set to TR-10 and click OK.


7. Warranty and Customer Service Information 7. Warranty and Customer Service Information Intended Use This device is designed for VoIP (Voice over IP) telecommunication via Skype™. All other usages are to be considered as unintended use. Unauthorized modifications or reconstruction not described in this manual are not permitted.

Limited Warranty This limited warranty (hereinafter the Warranty) is valid for the product TR-10 USB Personal Conference Phone (hereinafter the Product). The Warranty is only valid in the country where the product was originally purchased. · The Warranty only covers manufacturing defects, and excludes defects caused by the inappropriate use or storage of the Product. · The Warranty is issued by IPEVO, Inc. to the end purchaser of the Product (hereinafter the Customer). · In accordance with the Warranty, the Customer has a sole claim to demand repair or replacement of the Product but may not assert claims or seek compensation against the manufacturer/retailer for further losses (including, but not limited to, the indirect loss of data or profit). · The Warranty provides coverage over a period of 12 months, commencing from initial purchase date of the Product’s by the Customer from IPEVO. Subsequent changes of ownership do not extend the warranty period. · The Warranty is valid with the proviso that the Product is shipped to IPEVO within the warranty period. In the event of any faults or defects with the Product, it must be shipped back to IPEVO. Products will be repaired or exchanged at IPEVO’s own discretion. The warranty period is not extended for any repaired or replaced Products. Exchanged parts are the property of IPEVO, Inc. · The Warranty is valid solely on the condition that the original proof of purchase issued is presented with the Product.


7. Warranty and Customer Service Information The Warranty will not be valid if · the Product has been opened or repair attempted by any person(s) other than IPEVO, · any defects and faults are due to general wear, incorrect use or storage, including those caused by poor maintenance of the Product, · the defect or fault is the result of unintended use of the Product (refer to Intended Use), · the defect or fault is due to external causes such as (but not limited to) rough handling or accidents, · the defect or fault is caused by the use of accessories or other peripherals that are not original accessories intended for use with the Product, · the defect or fault is caused by a disruption to the network or power supply, · software in the Product needs to be upgraded due to changes in the network. Aside from any statutory rights and terms set out above, the Customer shall have no other basis for making a claim under the Warranty. Amendments or additions to the Warranty are only valid with the written consent of IPEVO, Inc.

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