Urinalysis Simplified

• RBC • WBC • Epithelial Cells • Hyaline Casts • Bacteria Flagged: • Pathological Casts • Small Round Cells • Crystals • Yeast-like Cells • Mucus • Sp...

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Urinalysis Simplified Fully Automated Integrated Urine Chemistry and Sediment Analyzer • Compact

• Accurate

• Easy to Use




Optimize laboratory workflow with the AUTION HYBRID™ AU-4050. A fully automated and integrated urine chemistry and sediment analyzer allows operators to walk away to other activities. • Simply load specimens, walk away, and return to results flagged for review • Load up to 60 samples at a time • Process 100-200 samples per hour



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CONSOLIDATES PROVEN TECHNOLOGIES Chemistry Analysis • Reliable AUTION test strips • Second generation module • E  asy-to-load strips with no calibration required Uriflet S 9HA Strips • Excellent sensitivity and specificity • Clinically significant reporting ranges • C  olor compensation pad corrects results for normal urine colors • A  bnormal color detection alerts users of potential false positive reactions

30-50% smaller than the competition

Sediment Analysis • Proven flow cytometry accurately identifies and enumerates formed elements • Standardize results by reducing subjective sediment interpretations • Achieve an autoverification rate of up to 92% • Reduce hands-on time reviewing flagged results • Wide linearity with no dilutions required • A  ccurate bacteria detection using a dedicated reaction chamber, nucleic acid stain, interference removal, and anti-carry over wash

EASY TO USE • Rapid results in as little as 2 minutes and 15 seconds • Intuitive Windows® based IPU software • One easy-to-read consolidated report • Barcoded consumables management • Automatically populate QC fields with AUTION controls • Minimal maintenance, 5 minutes daily/weekly and 10 minutes monthly

IMPROVED OUTCOMES • Empower clinicians to rapidly screen for UTI on admission to increase reimbursement • Reduce costs associated with negative or contaminated urine cultures using accurate sediment results • Capacity to perform sediment analysis on all specimens for improved disease state screening • Increase the ability to find rare elements automatically analyzing approximately 44 HPFs 1 HPF

10 HPFs

44 HPFs

Digital Microscopy 500 pictures


Flow Cytometry 65,000 particles

AUTION HYBRID™ AU-4050 Proven technology you trust to achieve the quality results you expect.




Specifications Urine Chemistry (CHM) Measurement Parameters

Measurement Technology

Onboard Capacity

• Leukocyte • Nitrite • Glucose

• Blood • Bilirubin • Urobilinogen

• Specific Gravity • Color • Turbidity

• Ketone • pH • Protein

Test strips: Dual wavelength reflectance method Single wavelength reflectance for blood Specific gravity: reflection refractometry Color: light-transmission Turbidity: light-scatter Maximum 400 strips

Urine Sediment (FCM) Measurement Parameters

Measurement Technology

Enumerated: • RBC • WBC • Epithelial Cells • Hyaline Casts • Bacteria Flagged: • Pathological Casts • Small Round Cells • Crystals • Yeast-like Cells • Mucus • Sperm • Fluorescent flow cytometry • Two separate chambers (bacteria and sediment) with proprietary polymethine dyes

General Dimensions Weight Power Supply Operating Environment Data Storage Throughput Minimum Sample Volume Communication

Width: 31.5” Depth: 28.3” Height: 28.3” 265 lbs (120 kg) 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Temperature: 10–40°C Humidity: 20–80% R.H. Up to 10,000 analyses 100–200 samples/hour (varies depending on CHM and FCM test mix) 40 mm from bottom of tube (approx. 5 mL) 1 mL manual FCM RS-232C, Ethernet

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AH016-01 Rev 6/16