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Project Assistant xBE/B.Tech in Polymer or Chemical Engg with ... (needs science or ... • A strong feature of Venture Center jobs is the rich learning...

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Call ref: 2013/June; Call opens: 1 June 2013; Call closes: 31 July 2013 or earlier if suitable candidate found Opportunities Designation Associate/ ManagerCAMS


Coordinator/ Manager – PRISM/TePP and projects

Trainee- Estate management

Requirements For Associate: MSc with 2+ years experience with Mass Spec; or MSc with 5 years experience with advanced analytical techniques; Preferably Analytical Chemistry background For Manager: PhD with research experience with Mass Spec; Full time or Substantially full-time with some flexibility M Tech/ PhD (relevant to bio/health sector) or equivalent with industry/ entrepreneurship experience Experienced professional with experience in biotech/biomed/ biomass research/ industry/ investing/ Business Development /management etc Substantially full-time with some flexibility Sci / engg degree with relevant experience and track record in project evaluation, management Very strong communication skills; ability to manage interface with innovators and govt agencies Substantially full-time with some flexibility 12th standard pass Good communication skills Familiarity with use of computers Personal discipline and strong work ethics Full-time

Trainee – Events, Library

Arts/ commerce students/ graduate Comfort with computers. Avid readers Excellent communication skills since it is a people facing role Full-time

Trainee – F&A

Commerce students/ graduate Comfort with computers. Exposure to Tally

Responsibilities Plan, set-up and operate the Center for Applications of Mass Spectrometry at Venture Center. To operate services, execute projects, train advanced users, assist entrepreneurs and manage facility. Manager will be expected to develop and standardize methods, design and standardize service offerings, develop proposals and seek project funding. More information: Provide leadership for the Bioincubation activities --helping nucleate and nurture bio-enterprises. Coordinate Bioincubator project and help plan, set-up and execute facilities, resources, networks, events, services and programs. More information: Coordinate projects undertaken by Venture Center. Write proposals, plan activities, execute and report on the same. Meet funding agency requirements. More information: Work closely with and assist Sr Admin Executive with respect to: General maintenance Works Other contracts Events logistics Stores and purchase Contribute to planning, organizing, running of events - both external and internal Assist in running of the Library; Help build new activities and sections in the Library To assist in building/ maintaining asset records Assist in some other activities as requested by GM Day to day accounting assistance for Venture Center and its incubatees

Trainee - Lab

Interest in day to day accounting Half-time or full-time BSc/ MSc (Analytical Chemistry) Prior laboratory experience and experience with analytical instruments will be a plus. Full time

To assist in building/ maintaining asset records To work closely with Lab Manager to run laboratory facilities and analytical techniques. To contribute to laboratory projects, initiatives and events. More information:

NCL Research Foundation Technology Commercialization Intern

Project Assistant

Member, Panel of BioIncubator Consultants

Intern – Intellectual Property

Intern – Innovation Management

Young engineers/ scientists with entrepreneurial dreams. Highly motivated. Ability to take risks. Good understanding of technology, finance. Strong soft skills – ability to communicate, make pitches, inspire confidence. Full-time BE/B.Tech in Polymer or Chemical Engg with strong academic record Interest in technology and product development projects as opposed to basic research projects Comfort with computers Fixed duration project Senior and experience professional with experience in biotech/biomed/biomass research/ industry/ investing/ management etc Willingness to spend time mentoring and advising entrepreneurs on a need basis

BE or MSc with PGD in IPR or Patent Law or IPR degree. Candidates already signed up for PGD will also be considered. Patent Agent qualification will be a plus Fixed duration – 6 months BE or MSc with PGD in IPR or Patent Law and / or MBA with definitive interest in technology management & commercialization Fixed duration – 6 months

To help create start-up companies based on science-led technology from NCL. More information:

Assist in various Proof-of-concept projects aimed at product development. Possible opportunity to transit from project to start-up company.

Provide advice to entrepreneurs approaching the BioIncubator on: Technology assessment Intellectual property Biotech/biomed industry and markets Business model refinement and business planning Grant writing Raising finance from investors Regulatory issues Getting FDA/CE Planning manufacturing facilities, GMP, QA etc More information: Contribute to projects and activities of the Intellectual Property Group at NCL and learn in the process. Location: IP Group, NCL More info: Contribute to the projects and initiatives of the Innovation Management Group at NCL. Understand technology evaluation, commercialization and new venture creation. Location: Innovation Management Group, NCL Innovations, NCL More info:

The above positions will be filled up only if suitable candidates are found. Continuing requirements: Besides this, Venture Center is continuously looking for suitable candidates for full-time a) managerial roles relating to technology commercialization, government funded schemes for innovators and general business development (needs science or engineering backgrounds) and b) general management roles (needs strong company administration, HR, financial management, contract management talents). How to apply: Submit your resume via email to [email protected] expressing your interest in the job. General requirements and expectations from Venture Center employees: • Venture Center is a non-profit organization with aims to benefit society by promoting entrepreneurs and start-ups. Thus, Venture Center seeks employees and consultants who have a strong interest and passion in seeing technology innovators, entrepreneurs and start-ups succeed, and have a strong "service" ethos. • A strong feature of Venture Center jobs is the rich learning environment and opportunity provided to employees to experiment, take initiative and be creative. The work of most employees has visible impact which can be satisfying. All employees benefit from access to high quality facilities and work environments. Compensation packages can be flexible but are often conservative due to Venture Center’s non-profit status. Employees enjoy access to benefits of NCL Staff Recreation Club. • General requirements include: a) strong ethical standards and work ethics, b) comfort with computers, computer applications and internet, c) strong communication skills – spoken and written. • Venture Center’s working hours are 9am – 5.30 pm (Monday to Saturday) and are designed to keep operations of Venture Center convenient for the start-ups, entrepreneurs, inventors and others that the organization serves. Managers in certain functions are provided the opportunity to avail of flexible hours. All jobs are located at Pune, Maharashtra, India. About Venture Center: The Venture Center is a technology business incubator specializing in technology enterprises offering products and services exploiting scientific expertise in the areas of materials, chemicals and biological sciences & engineering. Venture Center strives to nucleate and nurture technology and knowledge based enterprises by leveraging the scientific and engineering competencies of the institutions in the Pune region in India. The Venture Center is the trademark of Entrepreneurship Development Center, a not-for-profit company, based in Pune. For more information, go to