Wednesday, September 21

Wednesday, September 21 5. ... “The Use of Light-Darkness and Sound-Silence in Poe‟s „The Tell-Tale Heart,‟” Proud Permpoolsombat Respondents: 1. Anim...

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Wednesday, September 21 5.

Potluck Breakfast

8:00–8:55 a.m.


6. Latin Sayings, Ives’s Playing: The Swiftness and Longevity of Time Flies 8:00–8:25 a.m. Moderator: Ornrumpa Kidmai Speakers: 1. “Tempus Fugit,” Kanchana Manalert 2. “Memento Mori,” Chaisopon Ngamlerdsuporn 3. “Carpe Diem,” Supamon Rungruangratanakul Respondents: 1. Isaraporn Kitcholwiwat 2. Lojana Kiatpermsin 3. Proud Permpoolsombat


7. Self-Discovery through Knowledge in the Short Happy Life of Mrs. Mallard in Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” 8:30–8:55 a.m. Moderator: Kanchana Manalert Speakers: 1. “Love, the Blind Murderer,” Lojana Kiatpermsin 2. “The Unknown Knowledge of Mrs. Mallard,” Aimratee Sidhikosol 3. “The Short Happy Life of Louise Mallard,” Nawaporn Suksaran Respondents: 1. Supamon Rungruangratanakul 2. Panrawee Weerapan 3. Punnapa Stapornviriyakul


Readings Undergraduate Presentations on Literature in English

September 19 and 21, 2011 Boromrajakumari Building, Room 411 Faculty of Arts Chulalongkorn University

Monday, September 19 1. Confusing Heart: Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” 10:00–10:25 a.m. Moderator: Isaraporn Kitcholwiwat Speakers: 1. “The Denial of Truth in Edgar Allan Poe‟s „The Tell-Tale Heart,‟” Ornrumpa Kidmai 2. “The Narrator‟s Mind: Inner Conflict in „The Tell-Tale Heart,‟” Araniya Wipatavit 3. “The Use of Light-Darkness and Sound-Silence in Poe‟s „The Tell-Tale Heart,‟” Proud Permpoolsombat Respondents: 1. Animmarn Leksawat 2. Luksika Sae-ung 3. Nawaporn Suksaran

% 2. The Fight between the Heart and the Head of the Insane Narrator in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” 10:30–10:55 a.m. Moderator: Supamon Rungruangratanakul Speakers: 1. “The Unsuccessful Attempt of the Head in Poe‟s „The TellTale Heart,‟” Chomsiri Tirapornvitoon 2. “The Tell-Tale Heart,” Patteera Chaladmanakul 3. “Uncovered Insanity in Poe‟s „The Tell-Tale Heart,‟” Animmarn Leksawat Respondents: 1. Grittigar Sa-ngasang 2. Chaisopon Ngamlerdsuporn 3. Ornrumpa Kidmai


3. Impossibilities of Fiction 11:00–11:25 a.m. Moderator: Lojana Kiatpermsin Speakers: 1. “Constructed Changes in Setting in „The Swimmer,‟” Luksika Sae-ung 2. “Popped Bubble: Denial and Acceptance of Truth in Cheever‟s „The Swimmer,‟” Grittigar Sa-ngasang 3. “Ned‟s Life: Allegorical Setting in Cheever‟s „The Swimmer,‟” Punnapa Stapornviriyakul Respondents: 1. Veerawin Suksantinunt 2. Araniya Wipatavit 3. Patteera Chaladmanakul

% 4. An Intoxicating Journey to the Life of Neddy Merrill 11:30–11:55 a.m. Moderator: Grittigar Sa-ngasang Speakers: 1. “Free Will: A Philosophical Approach to Neddy‟s Freedom of Choice,” Veerawin Suksantinunt 2. “Swimming: The Immersion in the River of Booze,” Panrawee Weerapan 3. “The Exploration of Midsummer in Cheever‟s „The Swimmer‟ and Shakespeare‟s „Sonnet 18,‟” Isaraporn Kitcholwiwat Respondents: 1. Kanchana Manalert 2. Aimratee Sidhikosol 3. Chomsiri Tirapornvitoon