Wednesday, September 30

Storage Technologies: NAND Flash Memory and Storage Class Memory Hybrid System K. Takeuchi, Chuo Univ. (Japan) 9:30 A-6-2 Stretchable Photonic Crystal...

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Wednesday, September 30 1F Middle-Sized 1F Middle-Sized Hall A Hall B

1F 101

1F 102

A-6: Optical Sensing (9:00-10:00) Chairs: N. Iizuka (Toshiba) S. Nishikawa (Mitsubishi Electric)

C-6: III-V Photovoltaics and Related Technologies (9:00-10:00) Chairs: T. Hoshii (Univ. of Tokyo) T. Negami (Panasonic)

D-6: Nanowire Synthesis and Properties I (9:00-10:15) Chairs: M. Arita (Univ. of Tokyo) N. Fukata (NIMS)

E-6: 3D / TSV (9:00-10:30) Chairs: T. Fukushima (Tohoku Univ.) M. Takeyama (Kitami Inst. of Tech.)

F-6: Advanced Memories and Circuits (9:00-10:20) Chairs: I. Akita (Toyohashi Tech) Y. Mita (Univ. of Tokyo)

9:00 A-6-1 (Invited) Si and SiN Biophotonic Technology Platform, Applied to Biosensing, Spectroscopy, and LensFree Imaging W. Van Roy1, P. Neutens1, T. Claes1, R. Jansen1, A. Subramanian2, K. Jans1, R. Vos1, J. O'Callaghan1, D. Vercruysse1, R. Stahl1, V. Mukund1, B. Du Bois1, P. Helin1, A. Stassen1, S. Severi1, D. Martens2, P. Bienstman2, P. Deshpande1, R. Baets2, A. Lambrechts1, L. Lagae1,3, X. Rottenberg1 and P. Van Dorpe1,3, 1Imec, 2 Ghent Univ. and 3KU Leuven (Belgium)

9:00 C-6-1 (Invited) Recent Results for Concentrator Photovoltaics in Japan M. Yamaguchi1, T. Takamoto2, K. Araki3 and N. Kojima1, 1Toyota Tech. Inst., 2 Sharp Corp. and 3 Daido Steel Corp. (Japan)

9:00 D-6-1 (Invited) Nanowire Growth as a Means for the Monolithic Integration of III-V Compound Semiconductors on Si L. Geelhaar, PaulDrude-Institut fuer Festkoerperelektronik (Germany)

9:00 E-6-1 (Invited) 3D Interconnection of Single Micron Pitch by Hybrid Bonding Technology M. Nimura1, M. Ohyama1, S. Shoji1, M. Tamura2, T. Enomoto2, A. Shigetou3 and J. Mizuno1, 1Waseda Univ., 2 Nissan Chemical Indus. and 3NIMS (Japan)

9:00 F-6-1 39% tAC Improvement, 11% Energy Reduction, 32Kbit 1R/1W 2port SRAM using Two-stage Read Boost and WriteBoost after Read Sensing Scheme Y. Yamamoto1, S. Moriwaki1, A. Kawasumi2, S. Miyano3 and H. Shinohara4, 1Socionext Inc., 2 Toshiba Corp., 3 STARC and 4Waseda Univ. (Japan)

9:30 A-6-2 Stretchable Photonic Crystal CoupledNanobeam Lasers for Stretch Sensing C. Wang, T.W. Lu and P.T. Lee, NCTU (Taiwan)

9:30 C-6-2 Terahertz Emission from Individual Subcells in a Triple Junction Solar Cell Excited by a Wavelength Tunable Pulsed Laser S. Hamauchi1, Y. Sakai1, T. Umegaki1, A. Ito2, H. Nakanishi2, I. Kawayama1, H. Murakami1 and M. Tonouchi1, 1Osaka Univ. and 2SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. (Japan)

9:30 D-6-2 Bridging the Gap between the Nanometerscale Bottom-up and Micrometer-scale Topdown Approaches for Site-defined InP/ InAs Heterostructure Nanowires G. Zhang1,2, M. Takiguchi1,2, K. Tateno1,2 and H. Gotoh1, 1NTT BRL and 2NTT Nanophotonics Center (Japan)

9:30 E-6-2 Evaluation of 2-D Local Stress Distribution in Stacked IC Chip Using Stress-Induced Retention Time Modulation of DRAM Cell Array S. Tanikawa, H. Hashiguchi, Y. Sugawara, H. Kino, T. Fukushima, M. Koyanagi and T. Tanaka, Tohoku Univ. (Japan)

9:20 F-6-2 Pure CMOS One-Time Programmable Memories using a Combination of Gate-Ox Anti-fuse and Poly-Si Fuse M. Matsumoto, K. Tatsumura, K. Zaitsu and S. Yasuda, Toshiba Corp. (Japan)

9:45 A-6-3 Gold Bowtie Aperture with Projected Pad Underneath and Its Capability in Optical Sensing P.Y. Chen, T.W. Lu and P.T. Lee, NCTU (Taiwan)

9:45 C-6-3 Tandem Photovoltaicphotoelectrochemical Device for Solar Hydrogen Generation S. Kosar1, Y. Pihosh2, I. Turkevych3,4, K. Mawatari2, J. Uemura2, Y. Kazoe2, K. Makita3, T. Sugaya3, T. Matsui3, D. Fujita4, M. Tosa4, Y.M. Struk1, M. Kondo3 and T. Kitamori2, 1 Chernivtsi National Univ., 2 Univ. of Tokyo, 3 AIST and 4 NIMS (Ukraine)

9:45 D-6-3 Structural and Magnetic Characterizations of Vertical Ferromagnetic MnAs/Semiconducting InAs Heterojunction Nanowires R. Kodaira, K. Kabamoto, S. Sakita and S. Hara, Hokkaido Univ. (Japan)

9:50 E-6-3 Investigation of Low Temperature Cu Pillar Thermosonic Bonding for 3D Integration Applications S.L. Lu1, Y.P. Huang1, Y.S. Huang1, Y.H. Tseng2, M.F. Shu2 and K.N. Chen1, 1 NCTU and 2ASE Group (Taiwan)

9:40 F-6-3 Digitally Calibrated Dynamic Latched Comparator with Stochastic Offset Voltage Detection Technique for Low-Power ADCs T. Okazawa1, T. Kawano1, M. Ishida1,2 and I. Akita1, 1 Toyohashi Tech and 2 EIIRIS (Japan)

10:00 D-6-4 Effects of Polytypism on the Thermoelectric Properties of Si Nanowires: a Combination of Density Functional Theory and Boltzmann Transport Equation Calculations T. Komoda, T. Akiyama, K. Nakamura and T. Ito, Mie Univ. (Japan)

10:10 E-6-4 Novel Integration of Ultra-thin Al2O3 with Low-k Dielectric as Bi-layer Liner for Capacitance Optimization and Stress Mitigation in Cu-TSV L. Zhang1,2, H.Y. Li1, Y. Shang2, W. Yoo3, H. Yu2 and C.S. Tan2, 1Inst. of Microelectronics, A*STAR, 2 NTU and 3WaferMasters, Inc. (Singapore)

10:00 F-6-4 No Reattaching and 8 Directions Detectable Octagonal MOSFET Stress Sensor T. Harada, K. Kaiwa and Y. Yamazaki, Yamagata Univ. (Japan)

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1F 107a

1F 107b

1F 108a

Wednesday, September 30 2F 201

2F 202

2F Small Hall

2F 204

2F 206

2F 207

H-6: Quantum Optics (9:00-10:15) Chairs: T. Tanamoto (Toshiba) T. Nakaoka (Sophia Univ.)

J-6: SiC MOS (9:00-10:15) Chairs: D. Hisamoto (Hitachi) C.-F. Huang (National Tsing Hua Univ.)

K-6: Physics (9:00-10:00) Chairs: N. Mori (Osaka Univ.) M. Hane (Renesas Electronics)

M-6: Oxide Devices (9:00-10:00) Chairs: K. Maezawa (Univ. of Toyama) M. Kuzuhara (Univ. of Fukui)

N-6: 2D Materials and Band Engineering (9:00-10:10) Chairs: O. Nakatsuka (Nagoya Univ.) T. Aoyama (Toshiba)

O-6: NAND Flash Device (9:00-10:30) Chairs: K. Yamamoto (Toshiba) K. Hamada (Micron Memory Japan)

9:00 H-6-1 (Invited) Quantum Communications with Semiconductor Devices R.M. Stevenson, Toshiba Research Europe (UK)

9:00 J-6-1 (Invited) Threshold-Voltage Instability in SiC MOSFETs A. Lelis, R. Green and D. Habersat, U.S. Army Res. Lab. (USA)

9:00 K-6-1 Modeling of Nonlinear Thermal Resistance in FinFET B.K. Kompala1, P. Kushwaha1, S. Khandelwal2, J.P. Duarte2, A.S. Medury2, C. Hu2 and Y.S. Chauhan1, 1IIT Kanpur and 2Univ. of California Berkeley (India)

9:00 M-6-1 Improved Performance of α-IGZO Thin-Film Transistors with an Au/ HfSiO/IGZO(O2-rich) Schottky Source C.H. Hung1, S.J. Wang1, Y.H. Chen1, C.H. Wu2, C. Lin1, P.Y. Liu1, Y.C. Tu1 and T.H. Lin1, 1NCKU and 2Chung Hua Univ. (Taiwan)

9:00 N-6-1 (Invited) High Performance Electronics Based on Novel Two Dimensional Materials Y. Wu, Huazhong Univ. of Sci. and Tech. (China)

9:00 O-6-1 (Invited) Future Prospects of Data Storage Technologies: NAND Flash Memory and Storage Class Memory Hybrid System K. Takeuchi, Chuo Univ. (Japan)

9:30 H-6-2 Electron Spin Coherence Time of NitrogenVacancy Center in Diamond Improved by External Electric Field S. Kobayashi1,2, H. Morishita1, Y. Matsuzaki3, S. Miwa1, Y. Suzuki1 and N. Mizuochi1,2, 1Osaka Univ., 2 JST-CREST and 3NTT BRL (Japan)

9:30 J-6-2 Threshold Voltage Instability in 4H-SiC MOSFETs with Nitrided Gate Oxide Revealed by Non-relaxation Method M. Sometani1,2, D. Okamoto2, S. Harada2, H. Ishimori2, S. Takasu2, T. Hatakeyama2, M. Takei1,2, Y. Yonezawa2, K. Fukuda2 and H. Okumura2, 1Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. and 2 AIST (Japan)

9:20 K-6-2 Ballistic and Quasiballistic Hole Transport Properties in Germanium Nanowire pMOSFETs Based on an Extended "Top of the Barrier" Model H. Tanaka, J. Suda and T. Kimoto, Kyoto Univ. (Japan)

9:15 M-6-2 Correlation between Crystallinity and Formation of Oxygen Vacancies in IGZO Comparison between Crystal and Amorphous Using First-Principles Calculations T. Hiramatsu, M. Nakashima, E. Kikuchi, N. Ishihara, M. Tsubuku, K. Dairiki and S. Yamazaki, Semiconductor Energy Lab. Co., Ltd. (Japan)

9:30 N-6-2 Two Dimensional SiBased Semiconductor Si1-YCY: C Atom Induced Band Structure Modulation at Visible Region T. Mizuno1, Y. Nagamine1, U. Omata1, Y. Suzuki1, W. Urayama1, T. Aoki1 and T. Sameshima2, 1Kanagawa Univ. and 2Tokyo Univ. of Agri. & Tech. (Japan)

9:30 O-6-2 Effects of Cell Vth State and Number of Traps on Statistical Distribution of Random Telegraph Noise in Scaled NAND Flash Memory T. Tomita and K. Miyaji, Shinshu Univ. (Japan)

9:45 H-6-3 Photon Correlation Study of Background Suppressed Single InGaN Nanocolumns T. Yamamoto, M. Maekawa, Y. Imanishi, S. Ishizawa, T. Nakaoka and K. Kishino, Sophia Univ. (Japan)

9:45 J-6-3 Effect of Nitridation for SiO2/SiC Interface on Defects Properties near Conduction Band Edge W. Takeuchi1, K. Yamamoto2, M. Sakashita1, T. Kanemura2, O. Nakatsuka1 and S. Zaima1, 1 Nagoya Univ. and 2 DENSO Corp. (Japan)

9:40 K-6-3 Experimental Study on Interface Region of TwoDimensional Si Layers T. Mizuno1, Y. Suzuki1, R. Kikuchi1, A. Suzuki1, M. Yamanaka1, Y. Nagamine1, T. Aoki1 and T. Maeda2, 1 Kanagawa Univ. and 2 AIST (Japan)

9:30 M-6-3 Ideal Deep-Subthreshold Characteristics in C-Axis Aligned Crystalline Oxide Semiconductor FET D. Matsubayashi, M. Tsubuku, T. Takeuchi, S. Matsuda, K. Ohshima, T. Tanaka, A. Shimomura, M. Sakakura, Y. Yamamoto and S. Yamazaki, Semiconductor Energy Lab. Co., Ltd. (Japan)

9:50 N-6-3 Chemical Trend of Isoelectronic Traps in Si Tunnel FET; FirstPrinciples Study S. Iizuka and T. Nakayama, Chiba Univ. (Japan)

9:50 O-6-3 Improvement of Cell VT Distribution & Program Disturbance of NAND Flash Device by Using Tilt Implantation for Cell Junction Counter Doping D.Y. Kim, N.K. Kim, K.T. Lee, H.Y. Shim, S.K. Park, B.K. Kim, K.B. Lee, H.Y. Chang, K.O. Ahn and J.W. Kim, SK Hynix Inc. (Korea)

10:00 H-6-4 Tolerance of Photon Entanglement in a Droplet Epitaxial Quantum Dot Grown on (111)A Surface H. Nakajima1, X. Liu2, N. Ha2, R. Takemoto1, H. Kurosawa1, T. Mano2, T. Kuroda2, K. Sakoda2, I. Suemune1 and H. Kumano1, 1 Hokkaido Univ. and 2 NIMS (Japan)

10:00 J-6-4 Origin of Low Channel Mobility and Threshold Voltage Instability of SiC-MOSFETs H. Shiomi1, H. Kitai1, M. Tsujimura1, Y. Kiuchi1, D. Nakata2, S. Ono2, K. Kojima1, K. Fukuda1, K. Sakamoto1, K. Yamasaki2 and H. Okumura1, 1AIST and 2New JRC (Japan)

9:45 M-6-4 Trench Gate Process for 60-nm-Node C-Axis Aligned Crystalline InGa-Zn-O Field-Effect Transistors Y. Asami, A. Shimomura, Y. Okazaki, D. Matsubayashi, M. Tsubuku, M. Kurata, S. Okamoto, S. Sasagwa, T. Moriwaka, T. Kakehata, Y. Yakubo, K. Kato, Y. Yamamoto and S. Yamazaki, Semiconductor Energy Lab. Co., Ltd. (Japan)

- 39 -

10:10 O-6-4 A New High Density FinFET OTP Technology P.C. Peng1, Y.Z. Chen1, H.W. Pan1, W.Y. Hsiao2, K.H. Chen2, Y.H. Kuo2, C.P. Lin2, B.Z. Tien2, T.S. Chang2, Y.C. King1 and C.J. Lin1, 1National Tsing Hua Univ. and 2TSMC (Taiwan)

1F 108b

Wednesday, September 30 1F Middle-Sized 1F Middle-Sized Hall A Hall B

1F 101

1F 102

1F 107a

A-7: III-V Devices and Related Technologies (10:45-12:30) Chairs: T. Isu (Tokushima Univ.) T. Shimizu (PETRA)

C-7: Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics (10:45-12:30) Chairs: M. Isomura (Tokai Univ.) L.-S.Hong (TECRO in Japan)

D-7: Nanowire Synthesis and Properties II (10:45-12:30) Chairs: H. Tatsuoka (Shizuoka Univ.) A. Kikuchi (Sophia Univ.)

E-7: Advanced Circuits and MEMS Integration (10:45-12:35) Chairs: J. C. Guo (NCTU) M. Ueki (Renesas Electronics)

F-7: Biosensors (10:45-12:30) Chairs: C.-S. Lai (Chang Gung Univ.) T. Tanaka (Tohoku Univ.)

G-7: Organic Devices II (10:45-12:45) Chairs: K. Fujita (Kyushu Univ.) T. Shimada (Hokkaido Univ.)

10:45 A-7-1 Heterogeneous Quantum Dots/Silicon Photonics Wavelength Tunable Laser Diode T. Kita1, N. Yamamoto2, T. Kawanishi2 and H. Yamada1, 1Tohoku Univ. and 2NICT (Japan)

10:45 C-7-1 Formation of Thermally Stable a-Si Passivation Films using Liquid Si C. Guo1, K. Ohdaira1, H. Takagishi2 and T. Shimoda1, 1JAIST and 2 Fukushima Univ. (Japan)

10:45 D-7-1 (Invited) Self-assembled Functional Nanocomposites Y.H. CHU, NCTU (Taiwan)

10:45 E-7-1 (Invited) Manufacturing Technology of All-solidstate Thin-film Lithium Secondary Battery for Stand-alone MEMS/ Sensor Applications K Suu, ULVAC, Inc. (Japan)

10:45 F-7-1 (Invited) Ultrasensitive Sensors Using Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonances in Capped Metallic Nanostructures K.L. Lee1 and P.K. Wei1,2, 1 Academia Sinica and 2 National Yang-Ming Univ. (Taiwan)

10:45 G-7-1 (Invited) Controlling Light at the Nano-Scale via Molecular Tunnel Junctions C.A. Nijhuis, NUS (Singapore)

11:00 A-7-2 Waveguide InGaAs Metal-semiconductormetal Photodetector Monolithically Integrated with InP Grating Coupler on III-V CMOS Photonics Platform Y.P. Cheng1, 2, Y. Ikku1, 2, M. Takenaka1, 2 and S. Takagi1, 2, 1 Univ. of Tokyo and 2JSTCREST (Japan)

11:00 C-7-2 Investigation of Interface State Density and Fixed Charge of SrxSiOx+2 on the 2×1 Sr-reconstructed Si Substrate S. Taniwaki1, Y. Hotta1,3, H. Yoshida1,3, K. Arafune1,3, A. Ogura2,3 and S. Satoh1,3, 1 Univ. of Hyogo, 2 Meiji Univ. and 3JST-CREST (Japan)

11:15 D-7-2 Fabrication of Vertical Ge Nanowires on Amorphous Substrates by Combining Auseeded Chemical-Vapor Deposition with Alinduced Crystallization M. Nakata1, K. Toko1, W. Jevasuwan2, N. Fukata2 and T. Suemasu1, 1Univ. of Tsukuba and 2NIMS (Japan)

11:15 E-7-2 Novel Gain-Controlled Sensor Circuits Designed by Multi-physics Simulation for CMOSMEMS Accelerometer T. Konishi1, D. Yamane2,4, M. Takayasu2,4, S. Dosho2,4, N. Ishihara2,4, K. Masu2,4, H. Toshiyoshi3,4 and K. Machida1,2,4, 1NTT AT, 2 Tokyo Tech, 3 Univ. of Tokyo and 4JST-CREST (Japan)

11:15 F-7-2 An Implantable Needlelike Shaped Device and Its Performance in Lensless Fluorescence Imaging of Biological Tissues H. Takehara, Y. Ohta, M. Motoyama, M. Haruta, T. Noda, K. Sasagawa, T. Tokuda and J. Ohta, NAIST (Japan)

11:15 G-7-2 Detection of Mercury (II) Ion in Water using an Organic Field Effect Transistor with a Cysteine-functionalized Gold Electrode T. Minami, T. Minamiki and S. Tokito, Yamagata Univ. (Japan)

11:15 A-7-3 1.3 μm Photoluminescence from InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots on CMOS-compatible (001) Silicon by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition Y. Wan, Q. Li, Y. Geng and K.M. Lau, HKUST (China)

11:15 C-7-3 Temperature-Dependent Minority Carrier Lifetime of Crystalline Silicon Wafers Passivated by High Quality Amorphous Silicon Oxide M. Inaba, S. Todoroki, K. Nakada and S. Miyajima, Tokyo Tech (Japan)

11:30 D-7-3 Catalyst-free Growth of InxGa1-xAs/InAs Coaxial Nanorod Heterostructures on Graphene Layers Using Molecular Beam Epitaxy Y. Tchoe, J. Jo, M. Kim and G.-C. Yi, Seoul National Univ. (Korea)

11:35 E-7-3 Zeolite-trench-embedded Micro Cantilevers for CMOS Strain-gauge Integrated Gas Sensors S. Inoue1, R. Setoguchi1, M. Denoual2, S. Mintova2 and Y. Mita1, 1Univ. of Tokyo and 2Normandie Univ. (Japan)

11:30 F-7-3 In situ Monitoring of Extracellular Matrix Based on Chondrocytes Behavior using Biologically-coupled Field Effect Transistor H. Satake1, A. Saito1, T. Kajisa2, S. Mizuno3 and T. Sakata1, 1Univ. of Tokyo, 2 PROVIGATE Inc. and 3 Harvard Medical School (Japan)

11:30 G-7-3 Highly Flexible Complementary Inverter with Pentacence/a-IGZO Hybrid Thin Film Transistors Z. Pei, H.C. Lai and B.J. Tzeng, National Chung Hsing Univ. (Taiwan)

11:30 A-7-4 Optical and Electronic Properties of Ga(N,As,P) Quantum Wells on Silicon for Laser Application S. Gies, S. Karrenberg, M. Zimprich, T. Wegele, C. Kruska, A. Beyer, W. Stolz, K. Volz and W. Heimbrodt, Philipps Univ. Marburg (Germany)

11:30 C-7-4 Investigation of New Stacking Surface Passivation Structures with Interfacial Tuning Layers on p-type Crystalline Silicon for Solar Cell Applications N. Ikeno1, 4, T. Katsumata1, 2, H. Yoshida3, 5, K. Arafune3, 5, S. Satoh3, 5, T. Chikyow2 and A. Ogura1, 5, 1Meiji Univ., 2 NIMS, 3 Univ. of Hyogo, 4 JSPS Research Fellow and 5 JST-CREST (Japan)

11:45 D-7-4 Two Different Mechanisms for Aufree Growth of InAsSb Nanowires on Si Substrate W.N. Du1, X.G. Yang1, H.Y. Pan2, X.Y. Wang1, X.H. Ji1, Z.G. Wang1, H.Q. Xu2 and T. Yang1, 1Chinese Academy of Sciences and 2 Peking Univ. (China)

11:55 E-7-4 S-Parameter Characterization and Lumped-Element Modelling of mm-Wave Single-Drift IMPATT Diode W. Zhang1, Y. Yamamoto2, M. Oehme1, K. Matthies1, B. Tillack2, 3, E. Kasper1 and J. Schulze1, 1Univ. of Stuttgart, 2 IHP Microeletronics and 3TU Berlin (Germany)

11:45 F-7-4 Robust and High Sensitive Myoelectric Signal Detection utilizing Stochastic Resonance with Carbon Nanotube Composite Paper-based Surface Electrodes K. Shirata1, S. Kasai1, T. Oya2, Y. Hagiwara3, S. Kaeriyama3 and H. Nakamura3, 1Hokkaido Univ., 2 Yokohama National Univ. and 3STARC (Japan)

11:45 G-7-4 Anodization Patterning for Organic Electronic Circuits with Low Operation Voltage T. Yokota1,2, T. Sekitani2,3 and T. Someya1,2, 1Univ. of Tokyo, 2 JST-ERATO and 3 Osaka Univ. (Japan)

11:45 A-7-5 The Influence of III-V on Insulator Structure on Quantum Well Intermixing S. Takashima1,2, Y. Ikku1,2, M. Takenaka1,2 and S. Takagi1,2, 1Univ. of Tokyo and 2JST-CREST (Japan)

11:45 C-7-5 Catalytic Doping of Phosphorus and Boron Atoms onto Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Films J. Seto1,2, K. Ohdaira1,2 and H. Matsumura1,2, 1JAIST and 2JST-CREST (Japan)

12:00 D-7-5 Formation of Self-aligned Pore Arrays on n-GaN Substrates by Photoassisted Electrochemical Etching Process Y. Kumazaki, T. Sato and Z. Yatabe, Hokkaido Univ. (Japan)

12:15 E-7-5 Analysis and Reduction of Leakage Current of 2kV Monolithic Isolator with Wide Trench Spiral Isolation Structure Y. Takeuchi, R. Kuroda and S. Sugawa, Tohoku Univ. (Japan)

12:00 F-7-5 Respiratory Sensor Measuring Capacitance Constructed Across Skin M. Terasawa, S. Kumagai and M. Sasaki, Toyota Tech. Inst. (Japan)

12:00 G-7-5 Pseudo-CMOS Gain Enhancement by PostAnnealing Organic Circuits on Ultrathin Plastic Substrates A. Reuveny1,2, T. Yokota1,2, S. Lee1,2, R. Shidachi1,2, T. Sekitani1,2,3 and T. Someya1,2, 1Univ. of Tokyo, 2 JST-ERATO and 3Osaka Univ. (Japan)

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1F 107b

1F 108a

Wednesday, September 30 2F 201

2F Small Hall

2F 204

H-7: Quantum Devices (10:45-12:30) Chairs: A. Oiwa (Osaka Univ.) T. Nakaoka (Sophia Univ.)

K-7: Characterization II (10:45-12:05) Chairs: N. Sugii (Hitachi) T.-S. Chao (NCTU)

M-7: III-V Materials & Devices (10:45-12:30) Chairs: N. Hara (Fujitsu Labs.) T. Suzuki (JAIST)

O-7: ReRAM 2 (10:45-12:05) Chairs: K. Kinoshita (Tottori Univ.) H. Hwang (POSTECH)

10:45 H-7-1 Determination of Phonon Decay-rate in p-type Si under Fano Resonance by Measurements of Coherent Phonons with Femto-second Laser Pulses K. Kato, K. Oguri, H. Sanada, T. Tawara, T. Sogawa and H. Gotoh, NTT BRL (Japan)

10:45 K-7-1 Reliability of Improved CAAC-IGZO FET Satisfying NOSRAM Performance T. Murakawa, K. Ohshima, M. Tsubuku, D. Shimada, N. Kamata, T. Tanaka, A. Shimomura, M. Sakakura, Y. Yamamoto and S. Yamazaki, Semiconductor Energy Lab. Co. Ltd. (Japan)

10:45 M-7-1 (Invited) THz Devices Based on 2D Electron Systems H.G. Xing, R. Yan, B. Song, J. Encomendero and D. Jena, Cornell Univ. (USA)

10:45 O-7-1 Low Power Switching of Si-doped Ta2O5 ReRAM for High Density Memory Application B.Y. Kim, K.J. Lee, S.O. Chung, S.G. Kim and H.S. Kim, SK Hynix Inc. (Korea)

11:00 H-7-2 Dynamic creation of a topologically-ordered Hamiltonian using spinpulse control in the Heisenberg model T. Tanamoto1, K. Ono2, Y.X. Liu2,3 and F. Nori2,4, 1 Toshiba Corp., 2 RIKEN, 3 Tsinghua Univ. and 4Univ. of Michigan (Japan)

11:05 K-7-2 Degradation Investigation of High-k/Metal Gate nMOSFETs by 3D KMC with Multiple Traps Interactions Y. Li, H. Jiang, Z.Y. Lun, Y.J. Wang, P. Huang, H. Hao, G. Du, X. Zhang and X.Y. Liu, Peking Univ. (China)

11:15 M-7-2 Electrical Characteristics of Au/Ni Schottky Diodes on Cleaved m-Plane Surfaces of Free-Standing n-GaN Substrates M. Naganawa1, T. Aoki1, T. Mishima2 and K. Shiojima1, 1 Univ. of Fukui and 2Hosei Univ. (Japan)

11:05 O-7-2 Interface Engineered HfO2-Based 3D Vertical Resistive Random Access Memory with FormingFree Operation B. Hudec1, I.T. Wang1, W.L. Lai1, C.C. Zhang1, T.H. Hou1, P. Jancovic2, K. Frohlich2, M. Micusik2 and M. Omastova2, 1NCTU and 2Slovak Academy of Sciences (Taiwan)

11:15 H-7-3 (Late News) Withdrawn

11:25 K-7-3 Estimation of Soft Error Tolerance According to the Thickness of Buried Oxide and Body Bias 28nm and 65-nm in FD-SOI Processes by a MonteCarlo Simulation K. Zhang, J. Yamaguchi, S. Kanda, J. Furuta and K. Kobayashi, Kyoto Inst. of Tech. (Japan)

11:30 M-7-3 Net Acceptor Type Trap Density in Semiinsulating GaN Layers T. Tanaka, N. Ito, M. Akutsu, K. Chikamatsu, S. Takado and K. Nakahara, ROHM Co., Ltd. (Japan)

11:25 O-7-3 Investigation of Carbon Nanotube Memory Cell Array Program Characteristics S.Y. Ning1, T.O. Iwasaki1, E. Yanagizawa1, S. Hachiya1, G. Rosendale2, M. Manning2, D. Viviani2, T. Rueckes2 and K. Takeuchi1, 1Chuo Univ. and 2 Nantero Inc. (Japan)

11:30 H-7-4 Controlled Photon Emission of Colloidal PbS Quantum Dot by Using Photonic Dot Made of Optical Polymer and Silicon T. Nozaka and K. Mukai, Yokohama National Univ. (Japan)

11:45 K-7-4 Impact of Hole Shape on Program Vt Distribution in Gate-All-Around 3D Flash Memory C.H. Cheng, C.W. Lee, K.W. Wu, S.H. Ku, N.K. Zous, L. Liu, S.W. Huang, Y.W. Chang, I.J. Huang, A. Suzuki, T.C. Lu, W.P. Lu and K.C. Chen, Macronix Int'l. Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)

11:45 M-7-4 GaAs/In0.2Ga0.8As FinArray-Esaki Tunnel Diodes Fabricated on (001) Silicon by Aspect Ratio Trapping Q. Li, Y. Han and K.M. Lau, HKUST (China)

11:45 O-7-4 A 1.0 V Operation, 65% Faster Set/Reset Voltage (3V) Generator for 3D-integrated ReRAM and NAND Flash Hybrid Solid-State Drive M. Tanaka, S. Hachiya, T. Ishii, S.Y. Ning and K. Takeuchi, Chuo Univ. (Japan)

11:45 H-7-5 (Late News) Characterization and Topological Properties of Bi2Se3 Thin Film Grown by using Physical Vapor Deposition Y.C. Lin, Y.S. Chen, C.C. Lee, J.K. Wu, H.Y. Lee and Y.H. Chang, National Taiwan Univ. (Taiwan)

2F 202

12:00 M-7-5 The Effects of AlN Passivation Layer to Metal Work-Function and Band Alignment of Metal Oxide Semiconductor Devices H.B. Do, Q.H. Luc, M.T.H. Ha, S.H. Huynh, Y.C. Lin and E.Y. Chang, NCTU (Taiwan)

- 41 -

2F 206

2F 207

1F 108b

Wednesday, September 30 1F Middle-Sized 1F Middle-Sized Hall A Hall B

1F 101

1F 102

1F 107a

1F 107b

1F 108a

A-7: III-V Devices and Related Technologies

C-7: Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics

D-7: Nanowire Synthesis and Properties II

F-7: Biosensors

G-7: Organic Devices II

12:00 A-7-6 Fabrication of Two-Color Surface Emitting Device of a Coupled Cavity Structure with InAs QDs Formed by WaferBonding H. Ota, C. Harayama, T. Maekawa, X.M. Lu, N. Kumagai, T. Kitada and T. Isu, Tokushima Univ. (Japan)

12:00 C-7-6 Activation of Silicon Implanted with Phosphorus and Boron Atoms by Microwave Rapid Annealing S. Kimura, M. Hasumi, K. Ota and T. Sameshima, Tokyo Univ. of Agri. & Tech. (Japan)

12:15 D-7-6 X-ray Diffraction Study of Evolution of Polytypes in Au-assisted GaAs Nanowires M. Takahasi1,2, M. Kozu1,2 and T. Sasaki1, 1JAEA and 2 Univ. of Hyogo (Japan)

12:15 F-7-6 Monitoring of Hydroxyapatite Crystal Formation using Field Effect Transistor T. Kajisa1 and T. Sakata2, 1 PROVIGATE Inc. and 2 Univ. of Tokyo (Japan)

12:15 G-7-6 (Invited) Organic-Assisted Oriented Attachment of Silver Nanosheets S. Ekgasit and P. Jangtawee, Chulalongkorn Univ. (Thailand)

12:15 A-7-7 Demonstration of TwoWavelength Lasing in a GaAsP Ring/FabryPerot Composite Cavity Semiconductor Laser A.K. Saha and T. Suhara, Osaka Univ. (Japan)

12:15 C-7-7 Combination Accelerating Test for Crystalline Si Photovoltaic Modules A. Masuda1, C. Yamamoto1, N. Uchiyama1, K. Ueno2 and T. Yamazaki2, 1AIST and 2Choshu Industry Co., Ltd. (Japan)

- 42 -

Wednesday, September 30 2F 201

2F 202

2F Small Hall

2F 204

H-7: Quantum Devices

M-7: III-V Materials & Devices

12:00 H-7-6 (Invited) Ultraclean Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dots Coupled to Superconducting Impedance Matching Circuits M. Jung1, T. Hasler1, V. Ranjan1, G. Puebla Hellmann1,2, A. Wallraff2 and C. Schonenberger1, 1 Univ. of Basel and 2ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

12:15 M-7-6 Withdrawn

- 43 -

2F 206

2F 207

1F 108b