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PURPOSE To monitor the operations/activities of non PEZA-registered enterprises " located inside manufacturing and agro-industrial economic zones in o...

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Republic of the Philippines PHILIPPINE ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY Roxas Boulevard corner San Luis Street Pasay City -N" hrr**-

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This is to certii that at the Special Board Meeting of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) heid on 21 July 2009, during which a quorum was present, the following resolutionwas approved: RESOLUTION NO. 09370

RESOLVED, That the PEZA Board hereby APPROVES the herein Guidelines for the Issuance of Permit To Locate, as follows:

COVERAGE These Guidelines shall cover PEZA's issuance of a Permit to Locate to all enterprises located or opting to locate inside manufacturing and agroindustrial economic zones, whose activities are not registrable with PEZA.


PURPOSE To monitor the operations/activities of non PEZA-registered enterprises in order to ensure and maintain security and efficient to~of-operations.

" located inside manufacturing and agro-industrial economic zones




Non PEZA-registered enterprise, for the purpose of these guidelines, shall refer to Non-registrable enterprises that complement the operation of the -economlczonss-arrcf-BEZA;r-re6export l ? d q w i ~ c . *chme&. market enterprises, banking services, canteen concessionaires, consultancy, instailation of ATMs, packaging, operation of housing facilities for officials and employees, provision of medical services, business support services', operation of commercial centers, just-in-time delivery services, manpower services, etc.). V

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Page 214 of BR No. 09-370



a. PEZA shall maintain and/or ensure security at all times, and to enforce law and order within the ecozone territory. b. All enterprises (PEZA-registered or non PEZA-registered) that are operating inside the restricted ecozone temtory shall secure clearance from PEZA before engaging in any activity. V.

PROCEDURE a. Submission of Requirements

1. Notarized application and Anti-Graft Certificate


Payment of

Application Fee; 2. Business Registration (e.g. SEC Registration, DTI Registration); 3. Endorsement from the Zone Administrator (For Public Economic Zone); and 4. Endorsement from the registered developerloperator (For Private Economic Zone). b. Specific Terms and Conditions on the Issuance of a Permit lo Locate Permit to Locate shall not entitle the enterprise to any PEZA incentives; Enterprises which were issued Perm3 fo-~ocate shall secure from the PEZA the necessary building and related permits which cover the operation of any facility, utility, electro-mechanical equipment and other structures within its leasedhccupisd area. (PEZA Board Resolution No. 08-293 dated 29 May 2008); and The entry and exit of goods and people into and from its premises shall be subject to the security procedures being implemented by PEZA. c. Validity

The Permit to Locate issued by the Authority shall be valid only for one (Iyear ) and renewable every year or until termination of business in the economic zone. d . Renewal of Permit to Locate Non-PEZA enterprise with expiring Permit to Locate shall seek renewal thirty (30) days before the date of expiration.

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Page 314 of BR No. 09-370

e. Revocation and Suspension of Permit to Locate 3'

The Authority may suspend, withhold, or revoke any Permit to Locate issued to any Enterprise upon determination of the existence of prima facie evidence on the following conditions/circumstances:

4. Failure of the Non-PEZA enterprise to conduct its activitylies; 2. Engaging in activities other than the permitted activity by the Authority; and 3. Violation of the conditio~sstated in the Permit to ~ & e and any other violations of R.A. 7916 and/or its Implementing Rules and Regulations. f. Schedule of Fees Non-PEZA enterprise shall pay the following fees to the Authority' in connection with its application for Permit to Locate and related applimions: Permit to LocateIRenewal Any ~rnendmenfto Penit to Locate

PhP 2,400.00 1,200.00

g. Inspection and Monitoring .

~ h Authority e may send its authorized PEZA personnel to monitor activities and coilduct periodic inspection of the facility for the following purposes: a


To determine wether the nature and extent of operation of the enterprise is in accordance to the permitted activity and with thePEZA Rules and Regulations. To ascertain the accuracy and/or validity of complaints or informal petitionslreportsfiled against the enterprise as regard to its operation.






Page 414 of BR No. 09370



EFFECTWIN These guidelines shall take effect immediately upon approval of the PEZA Board. All Permits to Locate previously issued by PEZA shall be deemed amended to conform to these guidelines.


JENNY JUVE G. ROMERO Acting Corporate Secretary